Sounds Of Bengal

As We Talk I Learn

A lazy afternoon I’m subjected to a one sided conversation about the world… and somehow it pulls me inside… and I hear with great interest with a smile on my face. An art it is to make a conversation and almost all sane human beings have lost that art as people are so preoccupied… busy … now a days in themselves … with their phones … calls, messages, social networking, work, e mails, blackberries, I-phones… Oh the list is long … So there dies an art of conversation…!!!

I think I’m lucky as I know a few people … I can count on my fingers who still know how to make a conversation …. and keep one engulfed in it which surely is an act. Now you must be wondering as to why am I putting you all through all this.

Well during one such interesting conversation  my learned friend asked me, “Have you heard of anyone in India who plays the Sarod except the Sarod Maestro Amjad Ali Khan?….  and then the talks carried on for an hour and a half…

In the coming days I thought about it and realized that my friend was right. I had not heard of any one else except the maestro himself. So I asked people… had they heard of anyone else…!!!

In this process after a few interesting conversations and a happy weekend …I came across my 21 year old nephew who was the first to say, Yes…!!!

And he introduced me to…  Soumik Datta. I was astonished as to how well Soumik Datta played and how I had never heard his name. He is just 28 and talent galore. A rising star for sure.

And I got to know…. that Soumik Datta is one of the most acclaimed Sarod players of his generation. Born, 1984 in India and raised in London, he has been trained by the legendary maestro Pt. Buddhadev Das Gupta. Following later studies in composition at Trinity College of Music, he began to present concerts that revealed his commitment to the Indian classical repertoire as well as a talent for a more contemporary idiom…(courtesy the internet).

An upcoming talent who plays so beautifully at this age when many of us don’t know where life will take us… This young man surely has created a place for himself in the world of music. Gcaffe is proud of such young talent and wishes Soumik all the best for a bright future.

Among all his works I particularly liked ‘Sounds Of Bengal’ …

And I hope you all enjoy it too…


2 thoughts on “Sounds Of Bengal

  1. I love the way you wrote this article. This is wonderful. I do hope you intend to write more of these types of articles. Thank you for this interesting content!


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