The Legend Unknown – Prof. K.N.Kaul (Part 9)

Some Legends Last Forever

Continuing with the amazing journey of Prof. Kailas Nath Kaul


My Disposition

My disposition to learn gave me the habit of questioning thoroughly and understanding a subject before accepting it as the truth. Because of this, my parents never interferred in my work. At school, I constantly argued with my Arya Samaji teachers on all aspects of vedic teaching. I was a master at debating, I used all my ideas to back my arguments.

I always spoke to my masters with great respect. But, with my peers, I won the debates with forceful arguments.

After the debates, I always found myself in the library, verifying and researching my view. I looked at many books and thoroughly studied the topics I had argued upon.

In this way, I learned that often I was in too much of a hurry to jump to conclusions and, at times, debated heatedly without reason.

However, I benefitted from this as I gained knowledge of the changes which were occurring in society and I learned to validate my ideas. I also learned how to improve my style of speaking.

The Master of my eighth standard would beat me and say that he would take out all my pride in my wealth and status. He was not able to do this because I had no false pride. From a young age, I was unable to accept any ideas just because they had been propounded by older person.

I once went on a trip with my parents to Mathura and Brindavan. For the Sanatan Dharmis, these are places of pilgrimage. Here, at the temples, I watched the devotees worship and pray in different ways. I watched their antics with interest.

In that area, there is a place called Radha Kund. The legend is that here, when Radha was thirsty, Krishna dug a well for Radha with his flute. He also stroked some trees with his butter-stained fingers and, wherever he touched the trees, they have black lines. While the Brahmin was explaining this to us, I took out a knife and peeled the bark of the tree. The trees are called Abnus and, under the bark, the wood is black. Obviously, the Pandas were not willing to accept a scientific explanation.

It is not a fact that there was ever a Radha with Krishna. After the 12th century, poets invented her and linked her with Krishna. The devotees of Krishna could now sing the love story of Krishna and Radha like that of Lord Ram and Sita.


For you all to read as he takes us down the memory lane in his own words—-

The Legend Unknown- Prof Kailas Nath Kaul—

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