Behind The Lens

The man who did nudes and revolutionized the industry by his quiet work…

The man lesser known to common man..

As we lose him sadly he is remembered by all everywhere…

I wake up to see RIP messages since Sunday morning…

Farhan Akhtar said ..”One of the finest photographers and a dear friend, Prabhuda, passed away. RIP. This has been a dark week.”

And Niharika Bhasin Khan updated the loss of a great friend… she wrote..When life kicks you in the teeth and gives you a reality check – life is so short……. Prabhuddo my dear, RIP; you will be sorely missed. This has definitely put my life and friends in perspective.

Just 58 … A great loss to all those who loved him and to the nation too as we lose a talented man who changed the way we looked at photography…

He who taught many how to smile … As Neha Dhupia said …  “Shocked and saddened to hear about Prabhuddha Dasgupta. A photographer, a genius … One of the best we had! RIP. I remember him telling me.. “All you need is a smile to face the camera, make up is just a coincidence!”

Pooja Bedi said today in the Times… “I shot the Kamasutra advertisement 20 years back with him. He not only created a landmark campaign, which made advertising history, but made it so aesthetically even though it was a time when sex was taboo and condom was never advertised. He brought in a sexual revolution and won multiple awards for it.”

Truly revolution is what he did bring and did do for many a years.

Some Of His Works ….


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