The One Night – Stand

A holiday it was meant to be

A getaway for our family of three

As we set out one early morn,

We were unaware of what lay yon

 The night we spent in a holiday home

And the next morning we were set to roam…

The interiors of the hill state

Oh boy! We could hardly wait!

The day was bright and sunny

A day you couldn’t buy for money

We drove through the majestic ,magnificent hills

The panoramic view gave us the thrills

 The beauty of Himachal is beyond compare

but little did we know what we were about to dare

An uphill climb in freshly fallen snow

It sure was scary, what did follow…

 The road to Jalori pass soon turned tough

And as if the failing light wasn’t enough

the temperature fell at the end of the day

And the snow-turned-ice made our car sway

 Through the snow, slowly, steadily and all alone

We laboured through with a grunt & a groan

It took us four hours to wade through

By then it was pitch dark, what could we do?

 In Shoja not a soul stirred in town

All 10 cottages seemed shut down

We thought we’d continue on our way

But the icy roads made us decide to stay

 With nowhere to go until it was light

In the car we spent the night

Then the temperature fell to two below

& all around us was a blanket of snow

 The next day dawned bright & clear

I thanked the Lord for all I held dear

After the over-eventful previous day

We were rather keen to be on our way

It was by midday that the snow thawed

By then the view around had us over-awed

We promised to be back in Spring

That being the perfect time for hiking

As we sped off for Manali

I couldn’t help reflect fondly

That though it was quite frightening to me

How interesting a one-night ‘Stand’ could be!


Gitanjali Kaul


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