WordPress ~ Compliments & Celebrations

Friendships In The Wonderful World Of Blogging

Today I got a compliment from a friend who said… “You are a happy person” … and “your happiness shows in your blog…”. Oh, it brought me a smile…!

There’s another beautiful compliment by another friend whom I have never met. She said, “You have shared millions smiles in 9 months. You deserve every bit of love you have gathered. You give in abundance too dear… it is a pleasure to be associated with a beautiful soul like you.”

And one gentleman said, “Looking forward to your anniversary celebrations…awaiting some great feast…” Hee Hee…!!!

Then another one and another one … and another one and so many more … almost all coming from people I don’t know personally but are my regular readers.

Now you must be wondering why I am telling you all this! Well, just to say a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to each and every one of you. It is so amazing to be a part – (though a small one) – of the wonderful world of blogging.

Today this small blog of mine completes 9 months which means so many moments of super blogging … (Which also means my maths is hopeless and emotional IQ is superb… hee hee…).

Well, so coming back to the topic… me being a part of the magnificent world of blogging is so overwhelming. A wonderful new world which I feel is like a caravan where I explore different blogs … writers … contents … topics … emotions … blogging arenas … and most important ~ I make new friends.

Friends who are now my regular readers and read almost all that I write – whom I have never seen before … Friends who are my contributors … Friends who are my critics … and many who are my admirers … I am so enriched by this new love that I’ve found in this awesome new world I’m exploring bit by bit every day.

I’m growing daily and learning so much in this journey. During these months I have gathered the expertise to develop business plans for your needs. You may please feel free to write to me in confidence at mail@gcaffe.com to discuss ways to grow together. I am also available for writing assignments. Whenever required, please find it convenient to drop me a line if you are interested in commissioning me to write something for you. Do feel free to contact me anytime.

I’m truly thankful to all those who are walking with me hand in hand and thank you for all celebrations… However big or small every moment with you is a celebration and every number a milestone.

Last but not the least I’m so in love with WordPress as it gives me the wings I need to fly… the widgets … the innovations… the platform which makes me rise and reach upto the sky… A big whooping thank you to WordPress.

When I look back … I feel happy … my first post is still so special to me which I had called Writing My Mind … and then I write every now and then which you all have read here and appreciated. For those who are new to gcaffe, I give you all 9 months and all the posts for you to float by — Read All Here.

As I smile and walk forward I hold your hand … waiting for new horizons and new milestones together.

Compliments from gcaffe to WordPress and many more celebrations to come.

G ~ Caffe’


5 thoughts on “WordPress ~ Compliments & Celebrations

  1. It appears you started it just the other day. And my God, you’ve put up such a huge list to read, many of which I’ve satisfactorily read though. Many more such months to come, many more such successful writings to come, many more years to become milestones, G. It is pleasure to visit this space, always.

    Needless to say you have already impacted the blogosphere, and should I add I have waited every 9th day of every month to read your special write-up on gcaffe celebrating the success story. Hopefully this will become an yearly feature once you stand tall on your first anniversary – December 9, 2012… right?


  2. YOU are a beautiful SOUL
    thank YOU for this post and all the inspiring wards… I m new to the world of blogging, i do found YOUr blog an inspiring, encouraging and charming spot.


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