Crocodiles, Blackberry, and Me


An ordinary day in my life… I wake up… tea… daily chores… etc etc etc etc etc … Meet up with friends … amazing lunch… total state of happiness… a nice drive back home … then all the etc’s happen and I finally try to write something …

I open my laptop and loiter about for an hour on facebook … twitter… more etc’s… here and there I tool around on the net trying to think about how to complete an article I’m halfway through…

And then I remember I need to charge my phone… so I put my blackberry to charge. But looks like the charging jack has become loose so the charger is not charging. I try using another charger but 😦 sadly that too does not work. Would you believe if I say that I tried all ways and means to charge my phone tonight…!!! I changed cables… plugs… used extension boards … used different chargers… but to no avail.. my battery turned yellow. My heart was sinking. Then I remembered someone telling me that it is possible to charge the berry with the laptop… so I did that too … :(((

Nothing happened. After two hours of trying I was still where I started. Then I also held the phone in my hand and for sometime it did charge so from yellow the battery became white again … raised to a single bar… Ahhh… !!! What a sigh of relief. Then I saw one whole episode of Grey’s Anatomy to which I’m hooked after a long long time so I do not miss it… tonight I saw the episode holding the blackberry in my hand along with the charger so if I would hold it in a particular position I could see the charging icon — THE CLOCK. Oh how important it is …wow….!!!

In the meantime I sent a few messages across to people informing them that my phone is not working. Well the battery went back to yellow and gradually red.

So I opened the laptop again and sent a few emails to people I know who have blackberries……… and asked for a few numbers… As my phone was not functional I did nt have any numbers and I had to wish two important people on their birthday at 12… :((( which I finally did manage… though could not call.

Black Waters

In the meantime I ended up seeing a horror movie ‘Black Waters’ on HBO… Ohh how scary … It got me hooked and I spent another hour with 3 people stuck on a tree in the back waters surrounded by crocodiles to be eaten alive. Out of which by the end 2 are eventually eaten up… Ohhh … !!! Goosebumps I had.

In every break during the movie I checked if my charger could work and some miracle would happen…

Finally I had a realization ~ “There would be no major harm if my phone would be off for one night”… wow how simple it was and how much time and effort I spent in trying to fix it and not to mention how much patience I must have put in… phew…!!!

So I switched my Blackberry off and smiled…

Finished the movie and switched over to Zee Cafe for another episode of Grey’s Anatomy to get me out of the deep dark waters and all the blood and crocodiles. I have this disease since many a years – If on television I’m switching channels and I see a horror scene, I have to under any circumstances see the end else it would haunt me for days to come… So I had to sit through “Black Waters’ and see how they managed to come down from the tree alive without being eaten by the crocs… !!!

Well after that… I switched off the tv and logged out from the net … Guess what my phone was off so I did not know what time it is as I do not wear a watch and there are no (‘working’) clocks in the room… Hee Hee…

How handicapped we are man … wow… and how dependent … What would our life be without our phones. I feel something is missing and empty.

The best part is I know that I’m not the only one who feels like this. There are millions like me and so I smile ~ I’m Normal.

So strange are human habits. Just a few years back I did not even know what a cell phone is or what is internet and I was a happier soul … Well happy I still am but I would say life was less complicated when we did not have so many gadgets to help us… ha ha ha…

I wonder now, how we used to live without cellphones and all this walking-taking technology. No blackberries, no I-phones, no notepads, no books, no mails, no calls, no messengers, no twitter , no Facebook…. wow … No Facebook…!!!

Oh Life was Life…

I used to write letters and we used to book trunk calls and wait for the call to be put through by the operator… and in between he would say time is up. Hee Hee… Not so long ago. We have really traveled the road in future pretty fast.

Sometimes I thank God that only humans are like this … else can you imagine all the trees and plants and mountains… rocks… water… seas… oceans… waterfalls… glaciers… birds… animals… skies… air… atmosphere man all would have had a phone each… Hee Hee… !!!

I smile as flowers still bloom… 

Thank You God for small mercies… :))) 


2 thoughts on “Crocodiles, Blackberry, and Me

  1. Enjoyed to the hilt, especially the climax: “Sometimes I thank God that only humans are like this … else can you imagine all the trees and plants and mountains… rocks… water… seas… oceans… waterfalls… glaciers… birds… animals… skies… air… atmosphere man all would have had a phone each… Hee Hee… !!!”


    By the way, are you aware about the restaurant which offers discounts if one deposits one’s phone at its reception, on entry… so that one can have food peacefully inside!


    • Many a thanks Neeraj. Well i have heard about it but I don’t know where is it situated… Would love to know more. I thank You for your sweet and kind comment. Cheers.


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