Changing Cities ~ Building Opportunities – 2012

I drag myself from my bed at 6 am… after barely sleeping for two hours the whole night as I’m sleepless for no particular reason. Have my tea and drive the kiddo to school who is busy chatterrrrrrring away … the radio is blabberrrringgg and I’m dreaming about my bed and how desperately it misses me… ahhh… !!!

Well it is a beautiful morning no doubt … and it is the 1st of October ~ My favourite month.

As I drive daily on this road … there is this huge dump of garbage which I have been seeing since the past 14 years I’ve known this small town where I live. The dump covers majority of the road and is spread all over which I feel is about at least half a kilometer if not more. It stinks to no limits as you can well imagine… and I see many a garbage pickers digging in this huge dump daily and separating the goodies. I also see huge dumpers and cleaners doing their daily chores of dumping and cleaning.

Cows, calves, pigs, piglets, crows, eagles and flies are a daily delight and traffic jams a common source of happiness at this particular spot. People honk their cars too no limit and I wish some fairy God Mother would whisk me away to my destination… Phew… !!!!!!!!!

 As I drive on waiting to get stuck at the dump again …

Well the radio started the morning news and I get to know that … “Today the 1st of October is ‘World Habitat Day’ and this year the United Nations chose the theme “Changing Cities, Building Opportunities” because cities are the engines of growth. It is in the cities that many realize their dreams of a better life. Even if this is not achieved, still many leave the rural areas and flock to the cities for no other reason than the promise of a better future and prosperity. This they pursue by either getting jobs or by starting businesses, which not only provide income for the owners, but also for their employees.”

So I wonder what actually works… and how do they implement these themes and policies. They make new ones year by year and where I live remains the same year after year. Cities are becoming more and more congested, towns are neglected, villages are in darkness. Which habitat do we then talk about? Over flowing Population, poverty, traffic jams, inflation, pollution, recession… blah blah blah is all I hear all over.

I do not know if these policies and themes run by all these organisations actually reach to me or people like me… But what I see are small steps taken, which surely go unnoticed, do touch my life every now and then. Each time I see a flyover under construction I curse the organisation for creating all the ruckus on the road, the dirt, the concrete, the unlimited traffic log ups and more so the time loss which happens when I travel on such roads. Then after a few months or should I say years the flyovers are ready and then I smoothly drive away and I never thank anyone for constructing it for me.  We all do the same.

We do take the Government for granted and curse for what they lack but seldom have I heard people praising them for their achievements which mostly go unnoticed. These small steps in the coming years ten years build a happy and healthy habitat for our living.

My wandering thoughts are pulled back by the radio jockey who then reads out the message by the Secretary-General Ban Ki-Moon on World Habitat Day, 2012 to all which says –

“Better planned and better functioning cities can help guide us to the future we want: cities where everyone has adequate shelter, water, sanitation, health and other basic services; cities with good education and job prospects; cities with energy-efficient buildings and public transport systems; cities where all feel they belong.”

I take a deep breath and drive on as I don’t know if I would be alive to see such cities and such habitat even after a good life span.

Well let me leave all these woes to other people… and get back to my wandering thoughts as I drive along with my chattering child in the car with the radio on giving me the news and views on the World Habitat Day … Irrespective of what the United Nations say, I still dread the garbage dump.

To my utter disbelief the garbage dump was gone — No more to be seen… OMG … I stopped in the middle of the road and looked around to see maybe they have sort of shifted it away … but Voila !!!!! Just like that over night … it was gone.

Can you imagine my shock… !!! And what I see there is even more shocking. I see pink and yellow cloth tied up like a tent sort of a thing and a dump of light brown mud … which smelled nice … surprisingly. And I see a board which said ” Do Not Throw Garbage Here”… Wow. This was such an unbelievable sight.

As I drive ahead and pass by the tent … I see a table in the middle of that area with two small idols of Lord Krishna and Lord Shiva. Wooooaaa … was I taken aback… ha ha ha… this was superb. Standing ovation man wow… whose brain child was this… I would love to meet that person. May be the District authorities or the Municipality or maybe the residents … It is unbelievable.

So I halt in my track and take some pictures. People looked at me with wonder as to why I did so…Hee Hee… what do they know … just how happy I was.

So I guess we do make a difference in the whole habitat by just maintaining our own little corner… town… village… city… that shall make the Universe a better place.

I smiled and drove back and forth twice… Oh what a delight ! Though I missed my piglets. Will I ever see them again… who knows they might be around the corner in the next garbage dump.

Hee Hee…. !!!


5 thoughts on “Changing Cities ~ Building Opportunities – 2012

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    • Hee Hee… Thanks a lot Giribala. So sweet of you. You know I also used to think the same… and still do… but here I think the residents also made a difference… India’s only loss is the chalta hua attitude na… so yahan sab chalta hai jee…!!! A very goooood morning to you and thanks again for your sweet comment.


  2. The continued oppression by the megacorps and megabanks and politicians bought by special interests suppress our ability to accomplish what you suggest. That is the first stranglehold that must be broken.


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