gcaffè’s 10 months

In some Indian communities, when a baby is born, birthday is celebrated every month. We feel the same way for gcaffè.

Here, we celebrate ‘The Gappuccino’ by touching lives and spreading smiles everyday and more specially on the 9th of each month [1st post dtd Dec.9, 2011].

This day thus naturally becomes very special here. Yes, we completed 10 months on Oct.9, 2012. It is a sweet and content feeling, surrounding this place.

gcaffè is so loved by everyone that it feels so special to be here, that’s what many of you say. Thank you so much.

Also, inputs and feedback all these months – about the posts, design, content, layout and even the day’s thought – have been  encouraging.

On the days we miss a new post… it feels like missing out something. But then… how these 10 months just flew by!

Another two months… and it will be gcaffè’s 1st anniversary; and as things stand today… there are already 253 posts [read all here], 951 comments, 30 categories [see image] & 25800 readers on board.

A million thanks to all the readers & contributors.

…and as I always say – Keep a song in your heart, a twinkle in your eye and a smile on your lips… Happiness shall follow my dears…


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