The Missing Love Hormone

The Love Hormone

We all know it… We all want it… We all do it… We all hide it…

The strong emerging Indian woman, who in this century is ever so bold and so beautiful, like never before… She is the epitome of beauty and confidence. She is her efficient best. She is working and earning really well. Grooving a lot of moolah… and spending it too. She is brand conscious and branding too. She looks after herself and her family…. and all with a smile…!

Unlike the men of this century … who are equally the opposite. They have lost their charm and as we all know chivalry is almost dead… a rare commodity in today’s world. They crib about working all the time… too busy for anything except work…!

It’s a rarity to see a man laughing out loud now-a-days. If you have seen one ~ Oh boy… you are surely blessed.

Don’t take me wrong I’m not biased and nor am I a feminist. I’m totally for the men and I so love them all. But I feel today’s woman is surely stronger than the man.

On the contrary in today’s world … in this advanced century I do come across women who are otherwise very confident in life but when it comes to sex – be it talking about it or doing, they are still very very under confident.

In the process of growing up in the Indian scenario a major part is avoided which is called Sex and its accompanied acts. She can never get herself to enjoy and never ever share. From the day she is born, she is taught and it is grilled in her head that oh… ___ is a taboo. Shhhhhh….!!! Never talk about it. If she is thinking about sex… it is considered to be dirty. She grows up romanticizing and dreaming about love, reads about it, and tries to understand all by herself what is the whole thing about… and never gets to see it – till she is married.

Marriages … made in heaven… comes with trucks full of love and romance (only if you are lucky) and luckier if it comes with a great sexual package. If not then she succumbs to the reality and accepts it as it is and so many emotions stay unexplored and untouched.

And then comes the real thing – the guilt. She can never say what and how she wants. She gets into the act of love making as and how the man wants it. He teaches her a few new things that too I would say if she is lucky.

After a lot of questions and cajoling she tells me that foreplay is extinct and has never been there. The Big O is a rarity and masturbation is a shame.

And believe me it’s not one or two but, at least fifteen absolutely normal women to whom I spoke to … some from lower middle class … some from middle class and some from the upper strata of the society. I was pretty much shocked by their answers.

The woman wants to explore… touch… enjoy… but she is restrained by her upbringing and the male domination that she is unable to express what she needs for a happy survival. She would love to see and do more than she is subjected to and way more than she is allowed to. But she cannot get herself to ask for it… and in some cases when she did manage asking … she is ridiculed and guilt ruins the act.

The Male species, on the other side before and after marriage is okay with all sort of explorations he does here and there … everywhere he sees anything walking.

If only the man would stop and wait … look at her… touch her the way she wants to be touched… hold her in his arms… let her explore … let her rule the act the way she wants it… I think it would only make him happier and more satisfied, resulting into emotional and physical bonding between the two.

An amazing act of love, which actually results in human bonding to be truthful. A heavenly feeling which everyone enjoys and wants and thinks about 24/7 is so guilt ridden and documented. It creates an emotional bond between the man and the woman and brings them closer…. then why is it such a taboo.

Sexual intimacies and the Big O’s increase the levels of the hormone oxytocin which is also called “The Love Hormone” helps in building love and trust and bonds them together.

Let the ‘The Love Hormone’ drown your senses and take over your lives. Let us make some efforts in making the act of love heavenly than ever before.

Remember It always take “Two To Tango.”

Bryan Adams says it all…


9 thoughts on “The Missing Love Hormone

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  4. OOOhh to be the bad girl.. Men have this amazing quality of wanting to kiss you , but if you do they think of you as a lesser person… ssssssooooo , is it because the girl got associated with them that her rating went down.. ?? bolo bolo ? … I find men extremely complex to handle and me thinks they are struggling with a huge identity crisis now a days. And if you are an outspoken woman with strong ideas then you can kiss your reputation goodbye. Dominating . Unfeminine. Difficult. etc etc. Lets face it .. they want it all and are willing to give very little back in return… I think for me sex love and romance go hand in hand. To have one wthout the other is not worthy…. Ye cocktail kahan milega ??? All people should read ” FEAR OF FLYING ” by Erica Jung. I have bought a copy in the fear that it will go out of circulation by the time my daughter turns 18.I am going to gift it to her then….It is a must read…….. There is a very beautiful ghazal by Jags “tujhse milne ki sazaa denge tere shahar ke log..” I would like to change it with your permission to … mulayaza farmaayen… ” Khud se milne ki sazaa denge iss shahar ke log “….But its worth it. So all girls have fun, kiss but don’t tell. Cheers !!!… One more thing … the myth that ” Frog turns into a prince ” is just that. A myth. The reality is that as soon as you kiss the prince he becomes the frog.


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