Does Rebirth Exist? Who were you in your last life?

The smell of the paper calls me – I then sit, once more, on my brown wooden uncomfortable chair – I shift myself over and over again – I pick up my pen to write down a conversation between a 40-year-old girl and a 12-year-old lad ~

As we study the great Indian epic the ‘Mahabharata’, and learn the various intricate relations between all the characters… How they were born, to whom, when and whom did they give birth to… A long story, though simplified for the children… Yet so complex, as it spans five generations from King Shantanu to his great-great-great-grandson Abhimanyu.

During this intricate-complicated study, the boy asks me: “Do you believe in rebirth?”

I was surprised with this strange question, all of a sudden. “Why do you ask?”

“I often think and wonder if we are some incarnations. Suppose I was Arjun in my last birth and you were river Ganga … and my grandmother was the great Mughal ruler Akbar and my brother was Michael Jackson … my father was Mahatma Gandhi … so you know, we are reading our own stories and watching movies made about us only … WHAT FUN… RIGHT!!!”

I was then all the more surprised. I found his words very fascinating. An interesting theory it was. I was amazed that this young mind could come up with such an idea! Superb. And who knows it would be true also… only no one knows… I myself strongly feel at times …yes really… that in previous birth I was the great Mughal queen Nur Jahan, wife of king Jahangir …hee hee… Don’t ask me why…Just a strong feeling…!!!


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