Beautiful Indian Diwali & A Lesson learnt

My beautiful India… How I love everything about my country… This month we celebrated the beautiful festival of lights – Diwali… It surely is my favourite night of sparkles and shine everywhere… People play cards and burst crackers… They light up their homes with loads of lights and diyas… All smiles and laughter… The tinkle of money… The crisp cards… The rustle of silk… The smell of mustard oil… The mud-coloured earthen lamps… The awesome sound (NOISE)… The smoke… The hugs I get from all my loved ones… The amazing piles of gifts… The sweets and the chocolates… The puri alu… The kheer… The ladoos… The pooja and bhajans… Then all the prayers which everyone silently prays – be rich be poor… The wandering eyes looking for the Goddess Lakshmi (hee hee :)) … as it is said that on the night of Diwali or Deepawali as it is also called, Goddess Lakshmi visits the house which is the brightest, happiest and sparkling clean.

Divine is the festival of lights – celebrated with happiness in the heart and sparkle in the eyes. We wish all whom we love.

Well, this time, I did all that I was supposed to and after the prayers and the feast we all gathered outside to feel the crackers and enjoy with the children. Dressed in our fineries, a beautiful evening went by with my loved ones.

Then… urged by the kids, I got up to light some crackers. I picked up a medium-sized rope bomb and opened the timer … lit the other end with the help of an incense stick and with a smile I raised my hand to throw it and what did I know… BooooooooM….!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

It just burst in my hand itself. Gosh….!!!!!!!!!! In a fraction of a second … before I could throw it … boom… went the bomb into my palm…! And an ordeal is what followed. Suddenly there was darkness in front of my eyes and I shut both ears with my hands. There was a deafening silence and darkness in front of me. Was it silence or noise I could not make out… !!! I just could not hear anything.

My head started reeling and then I realised … goodness I had burnt my hand too. Wow … searing pain and burning sensation all over my palm. And then I screamed… I saw people around me… I could hear all but could not see them properly. Then my ears went deaf for some time… and my hand was dipped into some cranberry juice as that was the only thing available there to cool down the burns.

Someone rushed to get a bucket of water… The other ran for some ice… Someone gave me some water to drink … Gosh… I screamed and hyper ventilated. It just burned through and through … I could feel it till my bones.

It took about two hours of dipping my hand into water and ice and some neem paste that the burning sensation settled down and then the pain shot up to my shoulder.

In this whole chaos I totally forgot that I was wearing my ring on my ring finger. By the next day noon my hand had swollen up four times its size and was blue in colour. By the evening I realized that it was due to the ring which restricted the blood circulation to a great extent.

So I rushed to a doctor and showed my hand… followed up the medication… got a dressing done and called the jeweler to get the ring cut.

There went my diamond ring into two pieces. And my finger was deep purple and four times the size. There in followed a few days of pain and discomfort and loads of medication.

Now you will think why am I writing all this as there is nothing new in this and happens to many all the time.

In these few days I realized how tough life must be for people who are handicapped and who have maybe only one eye… one hand… or are deaf… or blind… !!!

A few hours when I could not see or hear due to the small blast … I was miserable. The discomfort of fiddling with daily chores with one hand being my left one was extremely difficult. Not to mention the pain and the burning sensation which was minimal as compared to someone who has had 80% burns. My heart went out to all those who are or have been in any such position.

Life must be so difficult to handle along with such handicaps. I salute their zest for life … who also end up smiling and living to the fullest.

I thank God for saving me this Diwali night and making it so special as I was surrounded by all my loved ones and we all had lighted lamps of happiness and laughter… which burn forever.

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