… muSic ~ mY sOul mate

When I was a child…

My mornings would start with soft black and white melodies on the radio…

I used to hear my Mother sing out loud all over the house … she has a sweet melodious voice and I used to follow her everywhere. I would sing with her and learn all the songs, words, dhun, ley, taan et all… some songs were really easy n some were very tough, classical, semi- classical.

I loved singing all so did Maa.

Photo Courtesy: Neeraj Bhushan

I used to wait on those special days called holidays when I was home and I could hear her sing in the bathroom as she was a great bathroom singer… In many a functions she was the lead singer… the brain behind the programmes.

Then, I did not know the difference between a happy song and a sad song. Some I liked Some I did not… Some were plain easy … some were plain tough… Now people tell me why are you singing such a sad song… it so happened it would just be my ever so favourite … I just never realized it was a sad song.

I would hear all and then sing them again and again and again… Those days there was no you tube or internet so the only way I could hear songs was the radio … I would wait for hours to hear my favourites so I could note the wordings… maintain diaries with lyrics… sing them again and again till I perfected them… many I could not even now.

Then I grew up and music got lost somewhere in life’s congestion…

In the last decade … God sent some musical souls to re-ignite my life ~ G started singing again.

I always wanted to be a singer… and see my name ‘Geetanjali’ suggests that I am a handful of songs… It is so true.

Music is in my soul and has been my best friend all these years…

In laughter and in tears…

Is it the same with you…. !!!


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