Don’t Blame Bollywood For Crimes

My last post Go India Go about Miss Universe being crowned in Las Vegas invited opinions like … as if the event was sheer extravaganza. Some suggested that the winners do nothing for the society. They just enter Bollywood, do some acting and enjoy life and that’s it.

Some added that in a country like India, which is right now going through the heart wrenching Delhi gang rape case, what difference does it make even if we do win the crown WHEN WOMEN ARE BEING RAPED AND KILLED!!!

Anger is all that I see everywhere – in the social media, TV channels, newspapers, streets, markets everywhere. Everyone has someone to put the blame on. Majority I heard and saw… put the blame on Bollywood… and actress and actors promoting all such acts which lead to such heinous crimes. Some blamed the Police … the Government… the Judges.

I read everywhere …  people blaming Sunny Leone, Poonam Pandey, Kingfisher Calendars, Item Songs by Salman, Kareena, Katrina, Akshay and so many others…  nudity in calendars and advertisements, Paoli Dam’s scenes… all of Bollywood movies and likewise… the casting couch… the porn sites, nudity in movies. Be it man or woman – majority said the same. The blame game raged over the week.

Crime Society And BollywoodWell the question here is … why blame only Bollywood? Why blame only the beauty pageants?  What are other fraternities doing? Are they saints? Are they God? Are they going out of the way to do something for the society?  Well, we all know the answer is a capital NO !!!

Such acts are happening everywhere – be it a lawyer or a judge or a doctor or an architect… engineers, labourers, journalists, politicians, leaders, corporates, bankers … the con men aahh…!!!  Name them and I will add them here in this list. The casting couch does not stand only for the movie or acting world. It is prevalent everywhere.  It is exploitation and both genders are equally exploited. SEXPLOITATION, I SHOULD SAY!!!

It’s like barter system in villages and cities even now. The stronger man gets the meat… and the poor man sends the meat. And we all know who the meat is and what price we all pay for this. These acts are criminal acts by deranged people who are not in their senses. I support the protest agitations against the such incidents but just blaming one another does not solve anything.

Everyone plays the game… the only difference here is that – what happens in Bollywood is projected and hyped. Why can’t the good things about the movie world be appreciated by people … !!!

As I read an article on rape cases in Afghanistan … sadly there were 15 articles on rape with girls only aged 5, 13, 10, 7, 6, 3 … I could not read beyond the headlines. Gosh… !!!

Well the rage is on … some genuine some fakes… I pray this storm of rage which has risen just now, is able to drown the culprits and free the victims forever (which I doubt)!

I pray to Almighty to give the girl, fighting for her life at a Delhi hospital, all the strength and love to overcome all the abuse and pain. I send her millions of warm hugs and kisses from my side. May the Force make her strong and smiling. Amen.


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