… ho ho ho… Santa I’m Smiling

… ahh here comes my favourite night of the year. It’s Christmas eve, the 24th of December… how I wait every year for this day… Ho Ho Ho … here somes Santa…!!!

My night of magic and stories… of fairies and elves… of reindeer’s and snow… my night of my very own Santa Claus. As I told you the story of a six year old some time back… Santa Claus – A fantasy or truth… Well the truth is Santa does come every year and I always made a list and left it under my pillow.

Well, this year is an exception. Somehow when I sat with the pen and paper to make my list for Santa… I could come up with nothing. Strangely … I thought and thought … every year I gave Santa a choice of a few things but strangely tonight my list was a big blank.

This year has been the best year of my life and I met so many new people … learnt so many new things … it has been so very awesome…

My wishes are complete Santa.

To all the magic in my life and all the miracles … 3 cheers.

Let all the magic, sparkle, angel-dust, and the glory of Santa live through your heart and spread warmth,happiness and laughter always.

Gcaffe wishes everyone a Merry~Merry Christmas – Santa is coming HO HO HO…. !!!

Christmas at G for The Gappuccino ~ gcaffe.com


3 thoughts on “… ho ho ho… Santa I’m Smiling

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