Is it safe for me to go out, Mom?

… how do I explain what is rape!

… a small tiny little face with pink lips as they dream and smile innocently, busy in her own little world full of love, hope and happiness… oblivious of what is happening around her, hugs me tight and turns over and slips away in her dream world.

… every night I silently promise her as I hug her back: “My angel, I will save you from every evil eye forever… !!!”

Every morning I pray to the Lord to save my children from all that is evil and keep them safe and happy. Well every mother and every father does that… every moment.

So for 14 days ever since the Delhi girl was assaulted on 16th of December … I did not let my children know the story of the girl who went through all the ordeals. I did not know how to explain what is rape to an 8-year-old and a 12-year-old…. leave alone gang rape.

So I kept them away from television and radio and all the debates happening here and there and changed the topics … but today morning as the brave girl breathed her last … somehow they did manage to see it on some news channel.

In few words I managed to explain that she was murdered and she succumbed to injuries in the softest manner I could… I don’t know for how long can I save children from all this. But truly how does one explain what rape and gang rape is to such small children?

Well, the elder one took it seriously and wanted to know how the protests are going on and how will she get justice… the younger one was scared.

She being just eight … asked me, “Mom, it must have been so painful to be murdered by a rod…?” “Why did they throw her on the road?” … and so many questions I can’t write…

Then she asked me… “Mom is it safe to go outside? Will that man attack me? Or you? …”

Did I have any answers truly……………!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I had tears in my eyes… did not know how to console her… so I just prayed as I always did… “God please save my little girl from all the darkness in the world.”

… at the same time … a thought crept into my mind…

… this is exactly how the brave Delhi girl’s mother must have prayed every moment…!!!

.... mom, is it safe to go out? girl child ... illustration by Geetanjali Kaul |

…. mom, is it safe to go out? girl child … illustration by Geetanjali Kaul |


5 thoughts on “Is it safe for me to go out, Mom?

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  2. How to slowly introduce children to the dangers of the world is always frightening and sad that it has to be done. If for no other reason than to also give them awareness of the need to be watchful. More and more I am seeing people stand up to these sorts of horrible crimes against others. Change can happen.


    • Hiee.. thanks and what u said is so true. It is horrifying to explain to such crimes to innocent kids… my heart breaks… thou I would love to keep them away forever from all this but as You said … we have to tell them… that is the saddest part… 😦 and yes people are standing up… I’m sure slowly slowly victory shall be ours…. thanks for stopping by… it is such a pleasure.


  3. there was a time when ppl were questioning whether it was correct to introduce Sex Education in schools… and now …. maybe there should be a proper course with a detailed section on sexual assaults and why it is equivalent to murder …
    … and we wonder where the innocence of childhood is lost in today’s day n age!
    it breaks a parent’s heart to explain these unnatural ‘facts of life’ to their kids!
    i wonder if it’s a worldwide phenomenon!!


    • hie … thanks for stopping by and what you say is so true… I so agree… it is heart breaking. They are a bunch of such innocence … it pollutes their minds but what has to be done has to be done… If we don’t tell them then also it’s not correct. I believe if people are educated at grass root level then maybe some %age of crime can be reduced… though some are born animals … demented …. deranged … who commit such crimes…

      Self defense and speaking out is one thing which should be taught to all …. majority crimes are on the rise because people do not speak up… do not report… do not tell and just cover up so the criminals get an upper hand as they know that the victim is weak and will cover up…

      anyways… this shall go on for a long time…

      but small small steps today against crime … I think will secure the future of our kids and the coming generations…


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