The Red Carpet & Paparazzi

 ... & I write.

… & I write.

Trying to kill time as I wait in a coffee shop… some decaff espresso aroma making me swoon… one nice sunset with some music … I pick up a pen and a paper (another amazing feeling to write on pen and paper)… then I scroll down on my phone with a sip of my coffee… bliss!!!

As I scroll through twitter (to which I’m hooked lately after I read a post called Twitter greetings) and I see the tweeple busy and I read the lines which got me writing… “Ten Worst Dressed People On The Red Carpet.” Gosh…what a feeling…!!!

I was thinking it must be such an awkward feeling to be on this list. I feel sometimes if I were a celebrity I would dread the moment where they would click me and put it up on the worst dressed page…whoosh…!!!

And where is it that we don’t have badly dressed ones and where is it that the camera does not catch them…

So imagine just how stressful it must be for a celebrity to look good all the time, dress well always, check on make up forever and do their hair every time they step out of their house. Wow…!!!

How many designers they must be hiring and how many dresses they would be trying on before they zero on one whether it is a man or woman. Be it Bollywood or Hollywood the paparazzi hangs like a sword on their heads.

Come to think of it from what I heard it was the cameras and the paparazzi Princess Diana was running away from when she met with an accident. How sad was that.

So many must have dipped into deep depression and many must have committed suicides… but on the other hand it is this same reason which pulls them out of oblivion and brings them to limelight. It is the same paparazzi which flies with them when they soar high in the sky.

Well as they say… ‘Joy and sorrow walk hand in hand’… So this phenomenon shall go on too…

& I shall keep writing.


4 thoughts on “The Red Carpet & Paparazzi

  1. Everytime I see a negative comment on celebrities dresses I wonder how difficult it must be for them. It is very stressful to look good all the time. They just can’t afford to have a bad hair day. But then as you mentioned, it is these people who bring the celebrities back to limelight.


    • That is true… You know they do get depressed in case they pass by and are not asked for an autograph or not recognized… its a strange world after all…:))


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