Four Hundred Seven Days of joy | 407 days & twinkling stars

gcaffe Founder Geetanjali KaulI wrote my first article on the 9th of December 2011 and by the grace of my good friend I ended up with

I did not know even the abcd of blogging then and neither did I know what am I getting into.

Slowly slowly as time passed by I realized this is like an ocean and I want to swim through. See I wrote: ‘I want to swim through and not have to swim!’

Not an easy swim I must say. A thousand times I almost drowned and gulped in so much dirty water, puked out, gulped again, took a deep breath, plunged again, saw so many big ships going by, felt scared of being crushed by them, saw so many whales and sharks, got bitten and bled, plunged again, got stung by jelly fish, took another deep breath and started again.

And then I saw the marvel of a world. I saw mermaids who pulled me out and made me smile, dolphins who took me on their backs and made me glide through the rough waters of the ocean, rainbows and sunshine which lifted my heart when I was down… and I also found a white shadow who made a raft for me to hang on and never let me give up. Then a thousand stars came twinkling and spread so much light. I never saw darkness.

Today, after 407 days of blogging (see my annual report), I stand a stronger and a happier person. More learned than ever and wiser too. My thousand stars are all my readers who come in every morning and night… some are fellow bloggers too. Some I am able to thank… some I’m not. But the truth is that all these would not have been possible without all of you. I so appreciate and value each and every moment you give me, the time you spend on gcaffe site here or its social media pages including Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Sound Cloud, Pinterest. This is for all of you. You are my stars.

For all my co-blogger friends I would say that I have learned so much reading from what you all write that it is an amazing part of my journey. A part which no one understands. I’m sure it happens with all of you too. I can say, practically no one (leaving one or two) read what I write… in my family or close friends… due to sheer lack of time or interest (as I work, the first thing I hear is: “You are again on the computer… NO!!!”).  Sadly, blogging is still not taken very seriously – a fight we all fight daily, I guess.

But I’m very happy today. As I connect to each and every one of you slowly and gradually and I learn each day… improvise daily and am able to write against the tide. I’m a happier soul. I thank my mentor and my man without whom I would never be here.

Gratitude from the heart.


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