Does your child need a counselor?

Education is our birth right and we all strive for good education. A growing child demands a lot of care and attention. I’m coping with the fast changing times and raising a teenager. One morning at school I overheard the principal telling some parents to put their kids up for counseling. I was then amazed to see the resistance. Most of the parents dropped out diplomatically saying their wards are normal. The teachers had picked up a mixed bag of students – some serious offenders and some casual random choices.

I wondered what all a counselor undergoes while dealing with child–parents–teachers–students! Such a delicate thread! Isn’t counselor a person on whom a child places a lot of trust and opens the heart out in front? Then, a counselor also enjoys the faith of the parents and the institution? Isn’t it like receiving the children with open arms and showing them some first steps, once again, leading to smiles and successes? Must be truly an amazing feeling for a counselor!

I discussed these with my friend Shipra Tiwari,counselor for many years. She then shared so many problems today’s kids face.

... mixed emotions

… mixed emotions

In 2012-2013, she guided about 250 students of all ages from 12th to 4th class. One main difficulty all the kids today face, she said, is lack of concentration. The excessive use of cell phones and gadgets divert concentration. Also, most kids are on Facebook and other social media sites and they are totally unaware of the dangers therein. Lack of proper sex education and wrong sources of knowledge do their own bit towards corrupting some minds.

Besides, parents of would be-adolescents fail to keep a check on what their kids are up to. This is the stage when carelessness creeps in. Kids give their own e-mail ids and phone numbers at school so that no information reaches the parents till it becomes alarming.

In these busy times, we have working parents who are not able to give any time to kids. What aggravates the situation is their tendency to bribe their wards with best of their wants. Soon this grows from chocolates to laptops to bikes. Expensive gifts and huge pocket money also corrupts a child and are great distractions. Majority of the parents never cross check if the child did go to the event for which both permission and money were sought. As a result, a child ends up in a wrong company. Many students are also depressed, confused and aimless while some are very well groomed and carry all gadgets which sadly do not contribute to their learning process.

Happy students make a happy world.

Happy students make a happy world.

Shipra said she keeps track of all the kids she is introduced with. “The kids need to be taken into confidence and parents need not be told the whole story. That’s what counseling is about.”

Well, should I then say – Let your kids go for counseling if the school suggests. Just it might do good to them and make them better communicators. Expression is what matters. If you are able to convey what you want to say – that is what matters, be it any age.


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