Hopes And Prayers For Rahul Gandhi

The other evening I used a sentence which had two words ‘hope’ and ‘pray’.  A wise man then said very politely, “We don’t need to use ‘hope’ with ‘pray’, as a prayer includes hope.” I wanted to tell him I use the word hope together with pray as I really want that my prayers do come true, so I add some more hope to it. But I remained silent and just smiled.

I’m not a very political kind of a person but I do read headlines. When the news about Congress party’s new vice president Rahul Gandhi’s speech spread, I heard he had delivered a very emotional speech at a party conference in Jaipur. But I did not bother to go beyond the headlines and the day went by as usual. During the day I caught up with some more talk on the speech, some tweets, some comments, some updates on Facebook… inquisitive, I did hear the speech on YouTube.

Rahul GandhiSince I don’t watch much of television, I saw Rahul after so many years. I still found him so cute, though he has aged. He has more curls now at 42 and a receding hairline. I sometimes feel very bad for him. The whole country has so many expectations from him due to his lineage that he is unable to fulfil. So much pressure he must have had before his speech. Just how many people must have approved his speech!

He started off well and then went on to ask a thousand questions about all sorts of failures which India faces today. He asked, “Why do a handful of people control the entire political space?” Any answers?

A little later he mentioned, “That people who are corrupt, talk about corruption”, … took a pause and broke into the sweetest smile with dimples in his cheeks… aawww that was so cute. The audience applauded. I smiled. Got me thinking – Did he enter politics by choice? Or was it just the pressure of his parentage?

Indira Gandhi and Rajiv Gandhi sharing dais during a speech in 1980s. Photo copyright gcaffe.com

Sharing Dais: Indira and Rajiv. Photo: gcaffe.com

I am lucky I was born a little early to have seen his gracious grandmother speaking and what a dynamic personality she was – Iron lady to the word. Oh how we cried when we got the news of her assassination that day in October 1984 and how shell shocked we were, as that was the first such kind of incident I had seen or heard of. The shock remains till now. We spent hours hooked to the radio for more news and more news. In those days television screens used to go blank  during national mourning.

And then I fell in love with the ever so handsome Rajiv Gandhi – our youngest and the most dashing prime minister. He spoke so well and India was shining. I was growing – a golden period of my youth I saw with my India and Rajiv.

Rajiv Gandhi addressing. Photo copyright gcaffe.com

Rajiv Gandhi. Photo: gcaffe.com

That was the time when I saw dynamic leaders who spoke very well without reading their speeches and led the country through golden periods with the best resources in their youth. Now, Rahul Gandhi says: “Congress is a symbol of hope”, “Congress is my life”, and “I will fight with everything I have”…

Well! I now ‘HOPE and PRAY’ that India does get a good leader whomsoever it maybe, so that after a few decades my children would have some stories about their leaders to share and a few speeches which are not read from paper to remember.

I know the wise man will read this and smile too.


5 thoughts on “Hopes And Prayers For Rahul Gandhi

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  2. राहुल जी ने यह दो फैसले तो जयपुर में बहुत ही अच्छे लिए है एक तो जो नेता २ बार चुनाव हार चूका है उसे कोंग्रेस की टिकिट नहीं मिलेगी और दूसरा जो नेता भ्रष्ट होगा उसे भी टिकिट नहीं मिलेगी यह दो फैसले काबिले तारीफ है


  3. Indeed Rahul has rather large shoes to fill based on his ancestory. India has made such strides in the world market…let us ‘hope’ and ‘pray’ that the people , and their leaders, do not forget where they came from and the struggle to get there.


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