Kill Depression Before It Kills You



You know Gcaffians, today started as a very foggy day. Cold as it was I drove to drop the kids and… was in high spirits… came back happy and was singing songs. By mid-day I had made enough ‘hungama’ (as we call it in Hindi which means spreading happiness) on social networks. I then came across a few people who were a little depressed… tried to pep them up to no avail. Later, I happened to speak to some close friends who were also depressed. It is unbelievable – how depression is spreading every where! And that is how I got depressed. Infectious?

But this post is not about depression… it is about how I treated myself then and had some fun as you see, ‘I was depressed’. There are two major things which I do when I feel low – one I eat, the other I shop. Isn’t that exciting!!! Well, so I got up… wore my comfy jeans with the best of my reds and went out without my car, in public transport… aimlessly. After strolling around a little in the cold fresh air I dropped in for a haircut. Aha… rejuvenated… then I went for shopping. Oh come on… I was so low you see!

Rikshaw- Puller with Stories

Rickshaw-Puller With Stories

A bag full and a heart jumping with excitement, I grabbed a burger. Can you see me smiling! Yes, I did smile and made a few others laugh too. Sang a few songs and grabbed a rickshaw home. Amidst all the traffic, the rickshaw-puller took me home… I chatted with him… and he also told me a few stories of his own and sang a local song too. Cars and bikes zoomed by oblivious of all the fun I was having. I took some crazy pictures and had my burger. People on the way were passing on smiles as they saw me doing all the madness but what the heck – I had fun.

You know what I did today was simple. I had some ‘Me Time’… as I call it. So I relaxed and took a break from the monotony of daily chores and did just nothing, did not even drive. All I want to say is we must take some time out just for ourselves and do simply nothing or maybe just that what we want to do.

Time flies away my friends, just slips by. Do not sit back and brood on aches and pains of life. Step out and take some action. You will never be this young again. Those who don’t love you… it is their loss.

You are a beautiful soul and your smile makes you glow. Radiate in the glory of  love around you and fall in love with yourself all over again. You owe it you.


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