Diamonds are a girl’s best friend

Gifting Diamond. Illustration by gcaffe.comStop | Spare Some Time | Read

Today I speak to the deaf, dumb, blind and mute man who lives in almost every house all over the world – Look around and open your eyes before it is too late. What do you see apart from yourself?

Have you ever seen the woman in your life! The one who lives in your house and sleeps next to you in your bed!!! I don’t think so!!!

I know you will say: “What is there to see, I bloody see her every day.”

No… wait, take out some time and look at her, closely. Do not take her for granted. After all she may not last forever.

The lady of the house – who is up at 5 a.m. – is on her feet till she is able to hit the bed at around 12 midnight. She maybe a housewife or a working woman… she will still be working the same amount.

She is the one who keeps your house warm and clean… full of love and laughter. She cooks all your favourite things, bakes your cakes, freezes your puddings, dresses your salads, packs your lunch, makes your bed, washes your dirty linen and dishes,  cleans up the mess you leave behind after you step out for work, throws the garbage and then she devotes herself on the kids.

If she is working in an office or from home, she does that too. These are not easy jobs to do My Dear Men – They may sound so but they are not and the most difficult part is to know the reality that no one will even take a second out to even pass a look of appreciation leave alone a thank you or a hug.

Speaking With Silence. Illustration by gcaffe.comYes, by now, I know, you are thinking “What about me?”… I too freak out slogging all day and break my back but this is not about you my man. This is about her. It’s about her happiness and her laughter which resonates in your heart – the hard work she puts into making your house into a home. Don’t take her to be a fool, my friend. It takes a lot of patience and perseverance. Money comes later.

I know you love her and you are happy but you just don’t care enough to show. Stop being indifferent and rise above your attitude full of neglect. That is where marriages and relationships go wrong my dear. And you wonder, “Why did she leave me? I so loved her.” Yes, you truly loved her but that is not enough. You need to show that, every now and then. You must nurture your love daily. And if you really try, you can really manage taking out some time.

Remember she may not last forever… so go and show your love. A small hug would be enough now… and then tell her that you care… and if you are intelligent, then nothing is better than diamonds.

I’m waiting boys…


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