Jyoti Singh Pandey – Happy Republic Day

This year has been a very strong year, beginning with a lot of turmoil amongst the Indian youth.

I saw the crowd standing up for what they want and they fought silently and bravely for this one girl Jyoti Singh Pandey, who gave her life but joined the entire nation for a cause each and everyone is today talking about.

It’s like a revolution rising in which the young and the old all rose together. We also saw a lot of politics and drama happening everywhere.

Candle light marches, human chains, protests at India Gate, Raisina Hill and Jantar Mantar, court proceedings, media gossips and so many other upheavals we saw and heard and so many we forgot.

The accused are still not punished. Justice is still under the clouds.

Today, I write just to remind everyone our promise to that young innocent girl that we will fight the system for her, and that we will not let her die in vain.

On this 64th Republic Day of India, I want to just remind everyone to keep their forces strong and do their little bit in their own little ways. Remember every small step makes a difference.


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