How Do We Connect To Reality Shows – Are We Seduced?


Priti Saxena

Reality shows

Just I was still on bed, sipping my tea and appreciating the beauty outside my window… and was lost somewhere… I heard the phone ring. A friend close to my heart had remembered me. The morning became even more appealing as we charmed each other pouring our hearts out. Then she suddenly asked: “Why do people watch reality shows with such devotion?”

That set the tone of the day and I kept wondering. Don’t we need full entertainment in our lives – sometimes even living the characters on screen! When we see the contestants in different swings and situations, don’t we try to connect ourselves with them?

In every day life we go through highs, lows, patch ups and break ups with our loved ones. When we see similar things happening in reality shows, it’s like our own lives being action replayed.

At times we do get inspired by their sporting spirits, will power, determination… and the negative things, we just laugh them off. For some people it is a privilege to see the people whom they admire every week. Controversies, fights, people commenting on someone’s personal life, who would not love such stuff, even if they are false. Just that moment, the anxiety… as to what would happen next is enough for a person to relax after having a long tiring day.

Maybe these are the reasons why the reality shows are hit. Maybe it’s a fact of life that all of us need some spice in our lives, some topics to discuss and some to gossip about. After all, entertainment is something that seduces everybody.

gcaffe adds:

All the dramas raise the TRPs (Television Rating Point) of the soaps and the reality shows. In a random week in 2012 it’s found that the highest TRP was of Crime Patrol – 16.81 where as Bigg Boss had 7.52, KBC gathered 5.31 while India’s Got Talent picked 3.1.

There is a tough competition between all the shows and TRPs keep changing as the drama unfolds. How funny can that be! Right now Balika Vadhu on Colors has the highest TRP of 5.0 and Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage has the lowest at 0.5.

There was a time when TRPs were in double figures – Mahabharat had a whopping 98, Kyunki Saas Bhi Kabhi Bahu Thi was at 22, Kahani Ghar Ghar Ki was at 18, KKusum was at 12 and Kasauti Zindagi Ki at 18. In the present times, we rarely find such highs. Why is this fall in the viewership of television shows? What’s the reason behind plumbing ratings, though wherever you go you’ll find TV sets on with couch potatoes! I wonder…


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