Is your bedside table young or old?

When he was 16, he used to sleep with a tape recorder on his bedside table as it was the decade when we did not have digital media. We had tape recorders and record players. So every night I would see on his bedside there would be his favourite collection of cassettes and he would play and sing too till he slept off or the record ended and repeatedly scratched the needle. Then he would start again when he woke up in the morning.

I was 18 and a half and I would sleep with a walkman in my ears with my favourite music playing. On my bedside I had some Mills & Boons, Barbara Cartlands, Penny Jordans,  Jeffery Archers, Sidney Sheldons, a diary, a pen, some cards by some loved ones, some sweet nothings and loads of chocolates.

BedsideThen times changed, and as we grew the things on our bedsides changed too. Now he is 38 and I am 40 and a half. He smoked all through his youth and I spread some love and cheer everywhere. Today on his bedside, I see a lighter, a pack of cigarettes, an asthalin inhaler, some disprin, a vicks inhaler, a watch, a wallet, a mobile phone, a tablet, some chargers, more medicines, a pen and a few irrelevant nick-knacks. I on the other side have a blackberry, a vicks bottle, some migraine medicines, my laptop, a few chargers, earphones, headphones, pen drives, media cards, diaries, pens, a basket full of medicines and some water.

As time went by our bedsides changed, our habits changed, times changed so did we. He lost his music somewhere and I lost my books somewhere down the line which means he stopped singing and I stopped reading. We lost our youth somewhere.

Keep SingingThis happens with all of us. It is not about me and him. It is about us. Go see your bedside table. It has a story to tell you. It tells you to preserve what ever youth is left – save it. Bring back the music in your life like in your teens. Stop smoking as it kills, ruins your insides and causes Cancer. It burns irreparably and damages beyond control. Start living your life your way. Keep your smile from fading away. Spread love all over. Keep singing.

Keep your bedside tables full of things you love and always wanted. In return it will make you smile. Try it – It works.


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