The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world

Humlog TV serialAre we growing up without our siblings? Are we not living with our parents and grandparents? Is the cost of maintaining a joint family bothering us?

Trend is what makes the past and shapes the future. Every decade we see a new trend coming up and maybe an old one rising too. Now-a-days the new one seen is ‘Maid-Hunting’.

Frantic search for maids is prevalent in today’s scenario. A recent movie revolving around 1947 showed a family living together as one, so there were some 15 members in one house. Kids lived with their parents and cousins all pushed in together. This is one thing not seen in the modern times.

Not so long ago, the system of living in a joint family was very strongly followed by the women folk of the house. Fathers dominated the house while mothers ruled happily – the children had no say whatsoever. This is one trend that has faded. People now prefer living in nuclear families and seem happier. It is cheaper, convenient, gives the couple privacy and independence.

Another way of life which has suddenly come up is called loneliness. So many people are seen to be depressed. Divorces are on high for various reasons. Children are neglected by mothers and fathers as the parents are struggling and it is the maid who is ruling the house.

joint family as depicted in BollywoodMarriages are failing, relationships are being torn apart, tempers are flaring, sadness is creeping in slowly, depression is setting in, pretence is on a high and a platonic life is what people are living.

This is also what is projected in our movies. There was a time they would show a loving mother and a doting son; all we see now are couples trying to make their relationships work on their own or friends trying to struggle up the ladder of success. There are no motherly, fatherly figures even in Bollywood anymore.

Whatever we did to our mothers!!! Why have they vanished. Yeah we know all about our maids. Oh that is so important as no one can move an inch without their help anymore. The new generation will never understand these relations as it has never seen them, not even in the movies. What a huge loss!

As a child grows up in seclusion in a nuclear family, the bond between the grandparents and the grandchildren is so missing. Children are also so impatient when it comes to their older generation. It’s equally difficult for the grandparents and it is tough for the parents to hold both the generations together.

What when you will be grandparents too and maybe neglected by your grandchild?  There won’t be a Karan Johar or Yash Chopra to teach them how to dote on your parents. So train them today and make a bond between your mother and your child. It seems difficult but in the end it does work out.

Keep your mother close you and keep her alive. Let there be a resting armchair in your house along with the kids’ corner. Let there be family unions and reunions that would make more than living together.


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