The Polished Bottoms – Stand Up Comedy


Laughter is the sound of happiness which resonates in your heart and shines on your face. Though it sounds very easy but it surely is one of the most difficult things to do. Romancing around the trees is easy, making people cry is also not so tough but spreading laughter is very difficult. If you don’t believe me – Try it.

One fine February evening was full of laughter. Yes it was a Stand-up comedy show by a group of young men who call themselves – The Polished Bottoms. Now what a name!!! I asked them why this? They said, “It feels right and we like the sound of it.” So they have three men in the Polished Bottoms – Sundeep Rao, Praveen Kumar and Sanjay Manaktala. They started this in July 2010 and since then have never looked back.

So that fine evening, this young boy Akshay came jumping on the stage and grabbed the mike and started talking. He looked a little nervous in the beginning but later he broke the ice with the audience with his jokes on the Punjabis. He had the attention of the audience there and then. As he said, “There is a line where fashion ends and Punjabi begins”, he had every one rolling.

Sundeep RaoThen came Sundeep Rao. We all know he is from Banglore which is now called Bengaluru and is a Kannadiga. Yes, he repeated this a thousand times so we know it for sure. He looked like a mixture of Saif Ali Khan and Dilip Tahil just a bit younger. A tight jeans, one earring, a cool shirt, a swanky jacket and boots and yes he did make an impression. Young, vibrant and funny and a baritone to die for. Oh yes!!! His voice was deep and so dreamy with full command over language. He soon had us in peels. He dissected the Cartoon and Glow in the dark condoms, toilets, Bengaluru, King Fisher and women.

Sanjay Manaktala Before the crowd could control itself they were subjected to Sanjay Manaktala who is from California. Another cute young boy with pepper hair and a strong accent jumped in and danced his way with his Anil Kapoor Jokes. He took up dance bars, girls taking pictures all the time, Delhi in general, Ram Lakhan and Rangeela stunts of how to date a girl by stalking her. His ‘Let’s get drunk’ had the crowd roaring.

After the show they spoke to g caffé and told us that they were judging the audience this time. They did well but I feel they could have been a little less discreet with their jokes. Their jokes and language was covered and censored unlike the last Stand-up comedy show which let all gates loose and presented an uncensored version. The best part was they covered the full stage which was superb for those sitting on the left and the right.

A little bolder if they would be – It would take them places. Overall it was a roll over laughing evening and g caffé wishes them the best for a bright and funny future. Way to go boys!!!


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