Perils of dangerous driving – forewarned is forearmed

Think Before You SpeakEvery new generation brings a new wave with it. Stop for a moment and look around. You will see every single human of any age group carrying a cell phone – some with yellow screens while others with high-tech ultra swanky gadgets – an addiction, worse than drugs.

Well, this story is about me and fellow normal peoples. In my case I’m an addict. And YES, I say it out loud – I AM ADDICTED TO MY CELL-PHONE. And let me tell you – So is everyone else.

When my friends and family say their adieus to me they do not say ‘drive carefully’. They say, ‘don’t use your phone while driving.’ But you see it is the most difficult thing to do, whatever I might try it never works. I decide daily that I will not touch my phone but I’m unable to stop myself. And I confess I still do. One day technology might help—Google, for instance, is believed to be testing cars that drive themselves and avoid accidents.

But, twice I’ve banged my car while texting and people have rammed into me while being on theirs phones too. It’s always in the mind – some messages are pending, some e-mails are to be seen, Facebook and twitter notifications, phone calls etc – and when I’m driving all crisis happens. Also it so happens that, as I take the wheel, I remember all sort of forgotten very urgent things to be done.

As soon as I see the red light flashing on my phone and believe me I see it almost always, I have this itching in my hand – I must pick it up and check.

Photo Courtesy: Anuradha Kaushik

Photo Courtesy: Anuradha Kaushik

Well, one thing is for sure, there are thousands like me. So many people – men and women both, yes it is a myth that only women are all the time on their phones. Actually it is the men who in this case are superior. They check all messages and status updates and are aware of all activities and then pretend they did not. Anyways, so many people just play games on phones, just pick up and check without any notifications, scroll down Facebook updates and new tweets, Viber… Oh! So many things just like that!!!

Qualities of a good driverToday I took a stand and as I started my drive, I switched off my phone so that I can control this habit of mine. Okay, I did switch it on a few times! You see I had to check the time, and then switched it off and only on red lights. But at least I’m trying. So should you. Wish me luck.

We all know the dangers so let us do it together and if you do succeed let me know please. Let us make our world safer. Let us understand together that driving is a complex task, requiring us to use and coordinate a number of skills.

Remember we have someone waiting for us at home. Do you still think you can drive safely while using a cell phone or a hands-free? Drive safe but keep some madness alive. Our cell phones can be life-saving communications in emergencies, but it is threatening indeed to use it while driving.


2 thoughts on “Perils of dangerous driving – forewarned is forearmed

  1. I had seen The Oprah Show and had decided to avoid seeing phone while driving. A good reminder G, to renew the practice.


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