Better Living With Generation Chemistry

…why do some have it so easy, when some had it so hard!

…while the parents toiled in fields, children roam in malls!

All around us a new generation is always shaping up, leading us to compare our culture, values, musical tastes, fashion and to think about intergenerational relationships, social embeddedness and generativity.

Gen X is already here with new lingo and slang. These texters are communicating more than ever, increasingly defining themselves and frequently creating social circles apart from their families. (Do they need shorthand? Anyone!)

How are they going to find their happiness quotient! Are they growing up in  hostile environments, exposed to so many things all at a time and at a very early age?

Thanks to technology, there isn’t anything they do not know. A world of social media like Facebook, Pinterest and Twitter is making them unstable too as they are unable to practice self control and are being influenced by the likes and dislikes of their updates. Today, are they made up of many choices and much uncertainty!

Wasn’t life simpler just a few decades back! We did not know what’s rape, suicide, murder, death – nothing. Today, they’re update with Aarushi Murder Case, Delhi Bus Gang Rape, and the likes which were taboo until some time ago.

The first brush with rape I had was in a movie I accidently watched – Insaaf Ka Tarazu. Death I had seen only in movies where heroes would be alive again in the next movie coming up. So I thought man was immortal. The maximum illness I saw was a common cold and maybe a headache.

Robin Cook’s ‘Coma’ introduced me to a few realities which I never accepted as it was fiction though I always wondered… did it really happen so! Sidney Sheldon showed me some complexities which eventually got solved. Death happened when my pet Pomeranian died – my first stroke of sadness.

Mandrake, Flash Gordon, Phantom, Spiderman and Superman were the immortal heroes of my life – my knights in shining armour. Barbara Cartland and Danielle Steel poured in love, romance, kisses and marriage.

Ameen Sayani brought in the daily dose of music in those days and Hawa Mahal, Sangeet Ka Akhil Bhartiye Karyakram and Chitrahaar ruled my teens.

I was pretty, dumb and simple, though people whom I grew up with saw me differently. I so lived in my own world with my Cinderellas and Rapunzels . I did not see or fall in love till I was 18, where as people around me did all that. Many at that time were not aware of sex, love, mating, dating, beauty parlours, flirting …and believe me that was so normal.

A simple life with walks in the lawn early mornings on dew drops, rising with the sun, dancing in the rain, cycling to new places every day, walking barefoot near rivers and small streams, playing with dogs, reading books under tree shade, cooking in back yard, swimming, playing kho-kho, kabaddi, badminton, studying and yes doing homework was never a problem, watching the weekly Friday 8pm Chitrahaar and Sunday morning brunches with ‘Bharat Ek Khoj’, bunking college to watch a movie, stealing motorcycle rides, singing songs under the stars and drawing the constellations and so much more!!!

We had so much to do and somehow never got bored with simple pleasures. How different is today’s generation? They have everything and yet when is it that they aren’t bored, though there isn’t a metro city today that lacks a discotheque or expresso joint or fast food chain.

Is 13 then the new 23? The very confident young bloom coming up is preparing for a new world. Maybe in a way it is better that they know everything as it makes them stronger eventually. I would say our parents did a great job and I hope the new generation feels the same about us too! Do they really appreciate and trust us? Or are they alienated and uncommitted? In any case, NOSTALGIA is cool. Isn’t it? Oh… the joy of cassette tapes! By the way, will my parents read this and share if they understand me!

The new generation - Always surrounded with gadgets.

The new generation – Always surrounded with gadgets.


2 thoughts on “Better Living With Generation Chemistry

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  2. Generation gaps come every decade.I suppose many miss out the change in first decade,but signs show up after that definitely. Change is always good,its a nature’s way to adapt to life to come…


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