Friendship, Trust, Companionship

When I was small, the moon would walk with me wherever I went, mother used to narrate stories and I used to make webs of dreams. Gnomes and elves were a reality and I would look for them in my backyard. Fairies came from the clouds and taught me how to fly. Falling leaves used to fascinate me as I thought they came from heaven and rain drops were small messages from God who wanted to see me smile. Letters used to arrive in the mail van and I used to make wishes as soon as I saw one.

And most important when I was small, friendship used to last forever.

Then I grew up … a few decades later and the best part is I still believe in the moon, fairies, gnomes, elves, raindrops, heaven, letters, wishes and God. The only thing is now friendships don’t last forever.

Friendship which actually is the most important ingredient for happiness is often taken for granted.  You think about it only when it is gone. People say that I am a very friendly person and I make friends in a jiffy, which is based on true facts. I do.  When you make new friends and move on in life, as time passes old friends tend to fade out but you know how much you love them. They are the ones who stand up for you when needed.

Well I’m sure you all know it is not an easy job to keep your friendship going and strong. It is really a tough job. In my case it is. You see when I make a friend I give my heart and soul, my time and energy, my trust and faith, love and affection. I give everything I have. But then it takes a toll, on my health, my time, my family, my marriage, my motherhood, my career, my pocket and my heart.  It really is not easy.

The fact is that it is the same with everyone who loves and spreads smiles. We tend to take our friendship for granted. I’m sure I must have done so too. Many a people have come and very few gone. Each time I lose a friend my heart bleeds and spirit is broken. And then it takes a lot of time to nurse it back again and to smile from my heart.

All I wanna say is that friends are precious and a piece of your heart. Take little care and be honest with them. Do unto them as you would want them to do unto you.


Make friends last forever – Keep the fairy tale alive – Let your heart be happy


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