Is blogging a cake walk?

A question asked a hundred times daily, “What do you do?”

The answer doubted a Hundred times daily.

When someone says I blog, somehow a thousand eyebrows are raised and in a split second your whole character is analyzed and shoved into the attic. Why is it that no one yet, even in 2013, takes blogging as a serious profession? Ah! It is crappy emotional stuff and that is the end of the story.

And then they ask, “What do you write about?” Now as if that makes the job easier. Whether one writes about Sean Connery or a NASA project the effort which goes in is equivalent in both cases. The time and energy put in is no less than any job.

BLOGGING - A cake walkNow it is not just blogging. There are a Hundred Thousand variations to it which people are either not aware of or they just choose to ignore. Along with the writing part comes the PR part too. There are social media sites which one needs to maintain like Facebook, Twitter, Stumble Upon, Pinterest, Tumblr, Indiblogger and so many more. Can you imagine just how many accounts need to be created, maintained and updated daily? Comments accepted and replied, criticism handled and just how many passwords remembered and changed on and off!!!

A lot goes into the making. First you research and write an article, create illustrations, take pictures and edit them, collect proof to authenticate what you write, then publish the post and be prepared that no one just might even read it fully. In comes the social media then and it goes on every time you write. It is a tougher job than writing a book but a book writer is always held in high esteem and bloggers are easily dismissed.

Bloggers Graph Across The World

Bloggers Graph Across The World

As the above graph shows, in all these years blogging has come a long way. Well, think about it, if there were no writers on the internet, there would be no Google, Yahoo, Wikipedia etc. – ever thought just how much effort goes into maintaining these sites. It is a talent and not many are able to maintain what they start.

So before you criticize someone else’s work, walk a mile in his shoes and then open your mouth. Can you imagine a world without internet? Where would you get your references from – The Library? To which you have not been to since 10th standard. Ever thought about it!!!

So people appreciate the hard work and accept the writer with dignity. It takes a lot to do anything in which one puts in a 100%. Don’t let your ignorance hold you from exploring new rising horizons. In such cases ignorance is just not bliss.

Be alert & Stay Informed.



10 thoughts on “Is blogging a cake walk?

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  2. When you make up your mind to start something, and then to go with it, you face both accolades and brickbats. Perhaps the good words (how less they may be), in any given case at any point of life, are more capable of guiding you than the defeating tendencies which flock.

    If you have set some tasks, let nothing slow you down. Internet penetration in India and many other countries are still deplorable. But things are changing. Many more things will change in next five years. Mobile internet is revolutionsing the world and India cannot be left out being a huge market.

    Coming to the theme of your post, note down – blogs are here to stay and grow, bloggers will be more in demand than other online or print writers. What they call ‘New Media’ has changed the media in entirety.

    To other point raised as to who reads and who doesn’t, I would like to share that the biggest media mogul in the world is Rupert Murdoch, who was born in Australia. How do you react to the fact that he doesn’t own any media thing in his country of birth though owning over 50 major media groups all over the world.


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