How nostalgia connects humans!

After a fine evening with friends, I said my adieus and sat in my car. She stood next to me waving and making promises to meet up next time. I played my stereo and tuned a song for her. She looked at me and the transformation was to die for.

A grandmother she is but looked 16 only; she shook her head and shoulders with the beat and snapped her fingers, twirled her toes and sang along. A glow on her face and a beaming smile which told me that I took her back a few decades down the memory lane as she connected to the music. She looked so happy and lost maybe just for a few seconds.  Ahhh pure nostalgia!

Sometimes I feel like a loner as I live in my own world with thoughts racing through my mind, some happy some sad and some confused. There are times I share with no one and I’m sure we all do that and that is the time we look back. As we travel in our memories we have some smiles stored, some tears cornered, some pains untouched, some lessons learned; some moments we treasure, some people we miss and some love we still crave for.

Actually what touches all is nostalgia – the times which we have left behind. These days  I’m meeting a lot of new people and making some good friends and would you believe I’m connecting with them only because we share similar memories, and how we smile! Sometimes we may not know each other well but we pour our hearts out and share some awesome moments together.

Isn’t this strange! How gooey and mushy nostalgia can make you and sometimes tears roll down, just as we remember good old days…!!!

Those who have happy memories are truly blessed. Create some happiness in you today so that you can smile when you look back, tomorrow.



8 thoughts on “How nostalgia connects humans!

  1. So relate-able ………… each one of us has memories, colors, tunes, lyrics and a weather of their own ………. and whenever one finds it, the Time Machine starts ……. thanks so much for the article, and Gee, of course.


  2. I agree with the part about the sharing of memories with ppl you barely know … but somewhere there is a connect … happened twice over with me in the last 4 days …. found like-minded, hitherto strangers ….familiar strangers (oxymoron?) in a place one least expects .. and we ended up sharing our pieces of creative writing, anonymously of course … weirdly we shared the same style of transparent writing … where people can take a good look into your heart just by reading what you’ve written …the veritable window to the soul. Maybe we are e-doppelgangers …who knows…! 🙂


    • Hee…Hee true Carl… So true…!!! But you have more beautiful moments to remember and cherish…!!! And see the good part .. as the memory fails one forgets the bad too… Isn’t it??? How have u been? You never fail on Wednesday posts… too good. Keep the good work on!


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