Dreams – Good, Bad & Ugly

DreamsWhy do we dream? A question we all ask and find weird answers everywhere? My question is different.

A strange thing happened today. I had a dream, as you would have understood by now, as weird as it could be. I have nightmares too many a times… I see many a bad things, many a good things… but I strangely experienced something different.

When I woke up I had a question hanging on my mind. The thing is… in my dreams also, I was tormented by the same inhibitions and fears that I have in reality.

Would you believe if I said it was a happy dream! A lot of happiness flowed in the dream but my fears held me back from totally drowning in the sea of joy I saw. I was doing all that I love, in my dream. As it’s a dream, my mind and heart should have been free but strangely it was directed in the same manner that I live daily.

Why in my dreams I could not throw all the baggage I carry and dream in abandon? After all it is said that what you cannot do in reality happens in your dreams. Doesn’t it? Then why does it not happen to me! Is it only me or is it the same for all of us? Does everyone carry fears small or big, in their dreams?

We all have dreams, sometimes nightmares, we all see people who are dead, we dream about impossible things which we would not be able to do otherwise, we all have orgasms too in our dreams – a phenomenon which happens with all of us but then why do our fears hold us even in our dreams.

Our dreams, some say, are actually reflections of our real lives, some we remember and some we forget and I add that very conveniently you are woken up just when you start having fun. Stupid dumb brain.

Strangely the moment or act which you are forbidden in reality is not possible in your dreams too.

You see that awesome moment… when you are about to kiss someone in your dreams, all flushed up, you come up a little closer… warm gooey feeling creeps up in your heart, you hold hands, smile, look into the eyes bend lower….

BANG!!!!!!!!! You wake up!!!

Does it happen to you too!!!


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