Holidays & Horrors

What's On Your Mind When It Comoes To Your New Year Resolution?Ahh… who doesn’t face this horror every year every time when the holidays arrive! The biggest question is – What to do? I take a deep breath and dread the question, rising up as the holidays approach.

Well, we all face this every year as the schools close for summers or winter holidays. The worst are summer hols as the temperatures rise so high that you just run out of things to do.

When the one and a half month long holidays begin, the kids start hounding the parents. The same questions – where we are going, what we are doing, Mom… Dad… we’re so bored!

Does this happen to you too?

Yeah, same story in every home. Out of forced compulsion, we plan a 10-day trip to a hill station which eventually we do enjoy. Then we spend a week in the malls shopping through our pockets making a big hole in them. The holiday homework consumes the rest of the days and yet at the end you’ll get to hear, “Oh! How bored we were!”

This year maybe we can do something different which just might help us groom our children a little more. In case your kids are teenagers, let them make a trip of their own… just kids to a safe place you know or you can arrange for some adventure camps and trekking or mountaineering expeditions for them and their friends.

In case they are small and not to be left alone, you can arrange for some sleepovers, pool parties, slumber parties, parties in the park etc. Also put some efforts and spend some quality time with your children. Talk to them as to what they would like to become when they grow up, check out their interests and groom them a bit in those fields.

Travel footloose with shoes on dashboardLet me explain – Say they want to become actors/models, then you can get them into acting classes. Let them join some theatre groups and explore their talents. Along with this you can also ask some of your friends working in corporates to organise some summer workshops for the children. It’ll be a good exposure as they would discover how the world functions.

They could also join some hobby classes of their choice and later on you can arrange for them to start their own classes for other children. This way they will also earn some money and learn through a healthy process.

Whatever you might choose, do not cancel that trip to the hill station and all the movies and shopping in the malls. Hopefully they will not end up saying they were bored. Let’s hope for the best. Do come back after the holidays and let me know what all you did this summer!

Happy Holidays Friends.


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