50 Shades of Grey, sex & marriage

Geetanjali Kaul, founder gcaffe.comEveryone around me is raving about only one thing – a viral called ‘Fifty Shades of Grey’, a trilogy by former TV executive E L James who plucked up the courage to put pen to paper with her novels. It also found mention in Bollywood release ‘Bombay Talkies‘.

Everybody is also asking me, “Have you read the book? Oh man what a book!” And all the readers I know are women in the age group of 35 to 45. Well, they also told me, rather warned me: “Read it when your man is around, and ready for sex.”Women by gcaffe.com

Can you believe this? I laugh my intestines out. You see the book is described as a riot of sex and is porn you can read – a provocative romance, erotica.

But I’m more inclined to think about the women who are reading it – some married some single. In both the cases, the women have no options but to wait for the men to be turned on, and turned on enough all the time, for sex.

All the women – of all age groups – have the same thing to say – My MAN is old and has lost his charm. [Not one or two, I hear this from nine out of 10.]

What a waste if your partner is not inclined to have sex with you. All the men in question are in their 40s and married for a good number of years.

What happens to the sex drive of the men after they hit their 40s, and why they end up with quickies! Why do they stop romancing and don’t remember really ‘seeing’ their spouses for long!

shades of greyIs stress killing sex? Is success burying sex? Is failure ruining sex?

Why are wives being left behind somewhere in the process! According to a beautiful lady, all the love-sex-romance comes in her marriage only from her side.

Do men forget the Casanova after years of marriage or at a certain age? Are women then just the ‘quickie sex birds’, to be uncaged at the will of their men!

I don’t dispute that modern men love their wives to the hilt, respect them, care for them, cater to them, bring home love, laughter and what not except…

Provocative Romance - a gcaffe.com illustrationTo its opposite, when a woman gets married, she opens her wings of love to fly, nurtures the seed of romance and is a sexually charged dynamite and then she waits for the man to ignite. Oh! What a pity! Have you heard the cage sound ever?

You are reading this in different time zones, different climates, different countries – yet, isn’t this the same story in your house too?

Hello handsome beautiful people, Stop. Take a moment and look.

Every woman loves the  man who walks home with flowers, drooling with love, who would take out a moment to touch her tenderly; and believe me guys, all the girls do love foreplay as you all have been reading all your lives. It is true.

So make good foreplay a part of your life, ignite her and don’t forget to tell me what happened next.

* * *

[Suggested Reading: It’s a rarity to see a man laughing out loud now-a-days. If you have seen one ~ Oh boy… you are surely blessed.]


4 thoughts on “50 Shades of Grey, sex & marriage

  1. A very insightful post I should say. Very crisply written and it kind of teases the reader to go back and mull over what you have tried to explain here. People hardly have time for sex in life that foreplay is completely out of the question. I’m still single and when I’m married I would love to revisit this post 🙂 Thanks.

    Do pay a visit to my site


    • Hey thanks a lot… whether married or not … u must do as advised fr sure shot happiness 🙂 hee hee…!!! and do revisit later… hee hee then u will read it wit a diff mindframe !!! I read ur bombay talikes … awesome… do read mine too! Looks we have a connect.


  2. I believe that sex is one of the most beautiful, natural, wholesome thing that can be enjoyed by both the partners only after enough foreplay which involves a lot of romance and time too.I do’nt agree with the statement–women are the quickie sex birds, to be uncaged at the will of their men! There can be many factors for men to be quickie; one of the main reasons is the stress and mental level. Sex game simply can not be performed as a duty. Sex is a game of love which can be played in a most enjoyable manner when both the partners have enough time with a proper fielding set for a foreplay for a result oriented game. It is the only game which can be enjoyed the most at its “DRAW” rather than one winning and other loosing it. in the end i find the article to be quite interesting and exposing many hidden things. Thanks for covering it through your post.


    • Thanks Ajay for dropping by and what u say is so right… alas no one has the time or energy or even the thought which wold lead to such circumstances… sadly.


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