Blogging: With Love To My Family & Friends

Geetanjali KaulSometimes I wonder how to adapt to the change which is constantly happening.

Ever since I have started blogging, my life has changed. I have written about the good things and about the super amazing changes it has brought into my life. But it has also brought a lot of bad along with it.

You may wonder what is bad about it – So many things and believe me we all face it but we ignore as there is no option.

The worst part is that – Since blogging does not get you loads of cash, people never take all the hard work you put in seriously.

As a profession it has still not earned that respect and basically people think of it a waste of time.

One is ridiculed for being on the computer all the time. And in public your loved ones and friends will introduce you as, “Oh, she does something on the net, what do you call that… …blogging, shogging.”

Ignorance I will not say, it is actually accepting that one is doing good.

Many a friends you strangely lose out and you realise people around you have turned out to be so vicious and jealous.

One thing more, no one you know would read what you write. The least would be your family and maybe some friends who won’t tell you that they have read you blog.

Then also the addiction of writing completely blinds all your senses and one loses out on so many moments that pass by.

Moments which wait for no one and misunderstandings that creep in silently and corrode your freaking life to no return.

Well, as they say, “On the top, one is always alone” but you are alone during the journey too.

gcaffe concept

Life slips by quietly  so take care and stop a while to savour the moments of love and laughter.

I am but sure to make this place the best it can be — and to also make my family and friends love G Caffe’.

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One thought on “Blogging: With Love To My Family & Friends

  1. See, may you please understand the difference between ‘crowd’ and a ‘face’. I definitely consider you a face in the crowd.

    Also, you have already been able to attract some very very good attention, and to hold people here long enough for you to say what you want to say. It’s not so easy.

    One thing more – I have been trying so many things for last five years on Greater Voice, yet it’s your determination that has made gcaffe shine better. I checked on alexa that testified that gcaffe ranks better. Congrats buddy! Cheers!!!


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