Fete de la Musique France – World Music Day Celebrations – 21st June

Someone asked me today, “What is World Music Day?” Well I would like to say here that thanks to internet, now we all celebrate so many days of happiness together. Social media and blogs help us in this. Among all the other days 21st June is celebrated as World Music Day. The first celebration started in France in 1976 and since then it has been on.

I yet have to meet people who are not dipped soul deep into music. Be it any country, any continent, any language, the only thing which joins all in harmony is plain and simple music.

And so it started, celebrations all over. The Fete de la Musique music festival started in 1982 in France and is now celebrated everywhere. Well that is what people do, now tell me what do you do?

What do you do to celebrate? Do you actually celebrate the presence of music in your life? Have you ever thanked God for making each bone in your body musical? Imagine if music was not there life would have been such a nightmare. The world would be an empty, silent place and so many people associated with music would be jobless.

Movies, a great source of music in today’s world would be without a single note and gosh… a nightmare it is. I remember my days of youth when we used to wait for the new releases. We would drop by the vendor every now and then asking,”Has any new music album been launched this week?” And if yes, I would collect my pocket money and quietly buy them and make my collection of these gems grow larger. Then the best part would be to showoff the new album to my friends… Oh what fun it was.

Doesn’t that bring back tonnes of memories!!! Now music is released online and is on You Tube which can be downloaded easily, so that kind of fun is not there in being the proud owner of that only compact disc or cassette in the market which we had earlier.

The other day I happened to witness a drum festival on the campus I was in and would you believe, I was stunned by the drummers. Oh, what a performance by sheer drums of all sizes. I can never forget that evening where people from all age groups with all sizes of drums came together and danced in abandon. Such is truly the power of music.

Well, whatever said and done music brings so much happiness, cheer and creates memories forever more.

I wish you all a musical year ahead. Keep notes and songs close to your heart. You shall never be alone.



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