103 Tunnels, The Queen & My Dream

Himalyan-QueenMany a times it happens that you don’t know how to start writing – The story is clear, the words are running in your head but you somehow just can’t begin. This is one such story; a story when I fulfilled one of my childhood dreams. Though it was a very simple wish but generally could never be fulfilled. My dream of travelling in the toy train The Himalayan Queen.

This summer I went to Mashobra, a quiet little town 9 kms ahead of Shimla, with family and friends. Four days of super solid fun which included white river rafting, rappelling, flying fox and Burma bridge cross over – all we did for the first time in our lives.

The adventure camp site ‘Mashobra Greens’ was ever so amazingly beautiful and the people there were so hospitable and professional. They took a lot of care and we all had super solid fun.

Many a things we did this time and most of us fought our inner fears after each activity. In deep forests we danced with rain and mist wandering-running down slopes and also enjoyed (some edgy) horse riding …and with a heavy heart we dragged our steps home bound.


But I had a spark in my eyes as I knew that on our way back, the jewel would be ours. And we reached Shimla station at 9 a.m. where I waited anxiously for my little toy train to arrive though everyone was busy in doing all that you do at a railway station.

Can you imagine my excitement when I saw the train chugging in, whistling … Yeah, it was calling me: “Come my dear Gee. Here I stand for you, after so many years.” Finally.

Oh I boarded and closed my eyes to let the moment sink in. What a feeling!

Then it took me into its arms and made me comfy. I could feel two arms coming out of the seat to hug me; the breeze kissed my face and I so drowned in my childhood love for The Himalayan Queen. This is like meeting a long lost love.

Geetanjali-Kaul-Himalayan-QueenAs I looked out of the window believe me I was like a four-year-old and my heartbeat accelerated. I stood on the door and embraced the moment as it slowly went by 103 tunnels with so much cheer, laughter, love, excitement, songs, food, tea – everything else just flowed by. I relived 30 years in a span of few hours with the Queen.

…Sometimes we must do what we have been wanting to. It’s a good feeling to be loved by your dream and the best moments are those which you spend with your loved ones. I also captured a bit of the sound I will hear and identify from rest of my journeys. 


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