Blogs, Podcasts, 2013 – Ignorance or Acceptance

Geetanjali Kaul podcasts for gcaffe dot comAt times I think, you know I live in a nation where people are ignorant and lie all the time. They will hide their actions and keep on cribbing, suspicion breeds on their fingertips and noses dive for gossip. Every morning they will look for more followers, more likes and more comments… appreciation is all they want… criticism means delete or block … Whatever we might do will be less. I’m sure you all feel the same.

Well, I am also one of them but you see I’m honest at heart and don’t mean malice, have a sweet smile and look good, smell good too 🙂 So that makes me so lovable and I have a good voice too. So the package is complete. There are times when I do something new I feel like a kid waiting for a good note, a small reward, okay maybe just a candy, fine just a smiley, a glance, Oh come on, something, anything…!!!

Then I make myself understand it’s okay. People need time. Sooner or later they will see what I do. I see them making excuses, “Oh yeah we did see something but you know was rushing by so,” and I’m like, “Ya ya don’t worry whenever you are free!” Oh this is hilarious. And all of us go through this.

BLOGGING So you see I made things easier and this is 2013 so technology so helped me. Now I have my own music player on G Caffe and we can play the podcast on our cell phones, without waiting for the page to download for hours. We have the most amazing Sound Cloud which has all of them lined up and widgets on the blog itself which take you places to read, enjoy and learn.

Social media like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Stumble Upon, LinkedInTumblr, g+ are throbbing with posts and updates. Now even after this if you say where and ‘O I did not see, could not find,’ then I will help you looking for it. You see a personal tour.

So here I post my new podcast for you to hear.

Do give your feedback people for more improvement. I’m trying hard. As time passes by I learn new things added by new techniques – need some feedback from all of you. So scroll up your mouses and start listening to the podcast and revert back.

Good Day My Dears. Wishing u a terrific Friday!



One thought on “Blogs, Podcasts, 2013 – Ignorance or Acceptance

  1. You are doing some great things out here. Investing your time and energy on anything is appreciable and you are producing wonderful results as well, very well crafted outputs. You have more occasions to pat your back, today. Keep it up. You make the world wonderful. Thanks for all your efforts and share.


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