Music, Memories, Me = Honeydew

It is strangely sweet how some songs stay with us and become memories. Years may come and go but songs stay a long way.

The Jukebox played a song yesterday and there were three people listening to it. The thought ran through my head that how sweetly all three were connecting to the song. One was 70 years old, one was 41 and the other was 13 years old. All somehow connected with smiles to the song the jukebox played. Sweet precious smiles.

Stevie Wonder

Well I smiled as this was the song which my first crush sang for me some two decades back. The phone rang tring tring and as I picked it up he started singing, ‘I just called to say I love you’… O what a sweet voice. I still melt away.

Another song I carry is ‘I want to break free’, this I would sing with my brother whenever we had a fight at home with our folks. The volume would be full so that the message goes across that we are fed up. Now I laugh when I think of what all pranks we did in our teens. O Lord!

Well I’m sure we all have such memories which take us into a different world altogether. When I hear these songs I drift away back into time in that same moment and then all my two hundred and six bones smile, my blood runs feverishly through my veins and intoxication takes over making me swoon.

Samantha Fox

The youthful days of Stevie Wonder, Lionel Richie, Back Street Boys, Air Supply, Richard Marx, Grease, Top Gun, and Dirty Dancing.

The most awesome days when we had posters of Samantha Fox on every wall and George Micheal on the cupboards.

The rocking days of Boney-M and ABBA, Roxette and Enigma, Meat Loaf and Guns N Roses.


Days of fun and frolic, Canteen meetings and Chocolates, days when eating was not a crime and dating was the in-thing, days when hooting and leching at the cycle stands was fun, drooling on men was fashion, jeans and white t shirts were standard and love was in the air.

Those days when I could not stop smiling, days of love and laughter, days of tears and chocolates, days of friendship and colleges.

Life is at its best now after 2 such amazing decades and could not be better. I thank all my friends for all the sweet memories, all the love I so treasure and all the music. Music has been my best friend all my life and you see never left me ever.

I’m still smiling.


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