G 2nyt – Shalom Lounge

There are so many things one wants to talk about, so many words one wants to write and so many words tumbling out to be told. So here I am head on into podcasting.

You know, according to Wikipedia, a podcast is a multimedia digital file made available on the internet for downloading to a portable media player, computer or mobile phones. The word ‘podcast’ is a neologism derived from ‘broadcast’ and ‘pod’ from the success of the iPod, as audio podcasts are often listened to on portable media players.

According to me, it is a way to reach out to all of you. Life is made up of all sorts of things. The other day I was thinking how going to nightclubs was a taboo some years back and they used to say, “People from good families do not go to night clubs.”

How things have changed for the better I guess. Now it is a fad to be a regular there. The quality of nightclubs has improved and they are safer.

The other day I happened to be at Shalom, a lounge and bar in New Delhi. It is amazing how women are well treated in the bars and respected too. I was told that the only female working there at Shalom is really pampered by all and respected. Young girls working late hours have also been accepted by parents in today’s times.

This week in G tonight, I have an interview for you with this young pretty girl working at Shalom. Enjoy listening to it. I shall be back with another episode as soon.

Thanks for tuning in and take good care of yourself.


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