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Everyday we see ups and downs, everyday we see mood swings yet everyday we smile. Similarly in movies we see so many emotions – some happy, some sad and yet each movie teaches us a lesson. Well, this weekend we see four releases and they are ‘War Chhod Na Yaar’, ‘Baat Bann Gayi’, ‘Gravity’ and ‘About Time’.

All the films have something good to teach us. And that is what I like the best about cinema. So here is the round up for this week for you on Movie Time.

War-Chhod-Na-YaarWAR CHHOD NA YAAR (Hindi)

It’s a war comedy film, India’s first ever, directed by Faraz Haider; the cast includes Sharman Joshi, Soha Ali Khan and Jaaved Jaaferi.

The story is simple. Two enemy countries at war and tons of humour in between. Soha Ali Khan plays a journalist while Sharman Joshi is an army officer.

Let’s hope the humour does not go overboard.

Baat-bann-gayiBAAT BANN GAYI (Hindi)

It’s a comedy film with a few double roles and a love story, directed by Shuja Ali.

The film stars Anisa, Ali Fazal and Gulshan Grover.

GravityGRAVITY (English)

The magic of George Clooney, who they say… when he smiles breaks hearts and induces labour, is back with Gravity. This science fiction thriller brings Clooney whom we last saw in ‘The Descendants’. Along with him there is Sandra Bullock who is back after ‘The Heat’ this year.

The story is promising as these two astronauts are marooned in space with a damaged space ship and no contact. Gravity pulls them and they somehow pull up and never let go.

Gravity, directed by Alfonso Cuaron, is a Warner Brothers presentation.

About-TimeABOUT TIME (English)

Some days you want to relive forever, some days you only want to live once. The story of love and achievements. The Story of making the only moment you live for perfect. The story of Tim and Mary and their imperfect love.

Directed by Richard Curtis, About Time is a romantic comedy science fiction film. The cast includes Domhnall Gleeson, Rachel McAdams and Bill Nighy. A time travel movie in which as one changes the future the end changes too.

A good mix of comedy, suspense, thrills and love is what we see this weekend. Let the good times roll.

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