Bringing Your Story To Life

Lately I have been behaving very erratically, though impulsive I have always been. But somehow now a days my condition has aggravated. At times overreacting to things, sometimes getting overexcited… of and on breaking down and sometimes I’m exhilarated. Well, I know we all go through such feelings and sometimes we lose control also.

The same thing happened the day before; I lost control, broke down…yes …and threw tantrums too. Now I can laugh over it, but then I was worried. Why does all this happen? Why me? And then I see all the people I know and many of their mutual friends and what I find is that they are all the same… maybe worse.

As I sat down and cried, on my self-constructed woes and my no win situation, I wished I could turn back time and correct a few things. A million thoughts wired in the webs … my tears rolled down.

Just then a small hand grabbed my shoulder and held me strongly. Another little finger tenderly touched my eyelids and wiped the tear rolling down. A moment later four little arms engulfed me into an embrace and held me tight. I looked into those innocent eyes and good Lord … I thanked the Almighty for sending these angels my way.

A small voice sweetly said, “Don’t cry, Mom. We are always there for you. God has sent us only for you.”

Oh, and me like a fool cried even more, this time out of happiness. I closed my eyes and remembered the moment I became a mother and I could not stop smiling.

A vision crossed me …the hospital, the labour pains at the last leg, screams the loudest  …and soon emerged a tiny little baby and my arms opened up to receive him. Was it only me in that room who saw him smiling and saying “… Mom, hey I’m yours!”

And was I the only one who heard myself telling my angel, “Yes Darling, God has sent you only for me!”

… just one of those mushy moments which stay forever.

We all have some amazing stories to share as adoring mothers and doting fathers. Let’s share some here on G Caffe. I wanna bring your story to life and spread some awesome smiles all over. Yeah the world needs us. Do get in touch with me.


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