Movie Time – India Box Office

Movie-Time-25-logoThis is the 25th episode of Movie Time – India Box Office. How time flies! Something which started Just Like That has now become a regular. I’m glad I was able to do all the episodes on time. A big thanks to all those who encouraged me to go ahead with this and also to all those who read me every week. Have you already started checking new releases on gcaffe, your very own Gappuccino! Big thanks, then.

Now coming to the releases this Friday – we have two releases ‘Krrish3’ and ‘Ender’s Game’.

Hrithik-Roshan-in-Krrish3KRRISH 3 (Hindi)

He’s back. Hrithik Roshan, as we know, did wonders as Rohit Mehra – a disabled boy in ‘Koi Mil Gaya’, and then he emerged a superhero as Krishna Mehra in ‘Krrish’. Will he fly into our hearts for the sequel in Krrish3? How long has been your wait for the Diwali opener as FilmKRAFT Productions’ Super Hero returns with fresh promises!

Producer-Director Rakesh Roshan is back with the third in the trilogy of Koi Mil Gaya and Krrish and he has named it Krrish3 for he believes ‘one man must battle’. Like never before?

Kangana-Ranaut-in-Krrish3Koi Mil Gaya came in 2003 when we saw the first science fiction film of this kind and Hrithik Roshan won many awards for this. In this, Rohit acquires supernatural powers from an alien called Jaadu and though he’s differently-abled, he leads a normal life.

The second one Krrish was a sequel to Koi Mil Gaya. It came in 2006. In this, the story continues as Rohit’s son Krishna realises he has supernatural powers and can help people in distress. And so he wears a mask and turns into Krrish.

Now comes the third in this series – Krrish3. Releasing on the 1st of November 2013 after seven years of Krrish, the story goes on further as Rohit Mehra’s son Krishna Mehra (Krrish) uses his superpowers to save everyone from the evil. The evil is played by Vivek Oberoi known as Kaal who is attempting to use the same superpower to destroy the world. Looks like a good battle between darkness and light, this festival.

Vivek-Oberoi-as-Kaal-in-Krrish3Priyanka Chopra plays Krrish’s wife and Kangana Ranaut is seen doing some awesome stunts. Hrithik, who’s back after a brain surgery, did not take much time to jump into action in Krrish3.

The cast includes Rekha, Archana Puran Singh, Arif Zakaria and Shaurya Chauhan. Music is by Rajesh Roshan while Sunaina Roshan is the co-producer.

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Ender's-GameENDER’S GAME (English)

The story as it goes takes us to the year 2086. Ender Wiggin who is played by Asa Butterfield is taken to space to join the international fleet. He is trained by Colonel Graff who is Harrison Ford and by Mazer Rackham who is Ben Kingsley to lead the military into a battle for which he is trained and though he is not the first but he shall be the last.

Directed by Garen Hood, Ender’s Game is a science fiction film based on a novel by the same name, written three decades ago.

So lets see how these two films do at the box office. Wishing you all Movie Time fans, readers, listeners a very happy G Diwali.


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