Jo Dikhta Hai Wo Bikta Hai

They say Jo dikhta hai, Wo bikta hai as in what is seen, sells! The advertisements truly enter the human psyche and become a part of lives, strangely.

Did your child ask, “When will I get my account”, seeing the Kotak Junior Bank Account advertisement? The sudden flooding of Tresemme hair products in the markets made them enter every home. So many such products banged the print and electronic media recently. Let us see who were the news-makers!

Mardangi (malehood) returned with the new Old Spice ad done by Milind Soman. Did you find it hilariously pathetic? They could have done so much better with Milind and Old Spice – the two old favourites of the people. Alas they so failed!

In its ‘Wedding To Remember’ ad, Tanishq is supporting re-marriage, wherein the man is soft at heart and loving while the woman is shining in the branded jewellery happily taking on her new life weaving the past along. Softly presented, the ad says a lot.

Titus Upputuru, National Creative Director at the ad agency Dentsu Marcom Pvt. Ltd., says that he showed the Tanishq ad to his wife and told her to follow suit by marrying once he is gone. A heart warming thought coming from a present generation man.

Congress papmphlet for Delhi assembly elections 2013 rukegi nahi meri dilli - Copy

On the political front, there’re adverts like the present Congress campaign coming out with an ad daily in the form of leaflets. At the bottom, the ad claims only 50000 copies printed. Sure, who will go on counting how many copies are floating around! Not the Election Commission, certainly.

Well, as they say all sorts make the world and we have to live in harmony with all. As far as the message reaches the people any ad-campaign is pretty successful.

Any favourite advertisements of yours! Share them with Gcaffe.


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