Have you gone song hunting ever?

Music Never SleepsDoes it happen to me only or you too have been stuck sometime while identifying a song, trying again and again to figure out the name or the lyrics driving you nuts.

I wonder every time… and suddenly, out of nowhere, one single line of an old song would pop up to engage my mind… forcing me to open my lips, attempting the song, humming. Then, until I figure out which song it is, I will keep hunting and it shall keep haunting me. They are like signature tunes which stay forever.

It is strange that when I succeed in figuring out which song it is, I then keep wondering as to from where did the song hint came to my mind! Why that song only, why at that particular time, why?

It so happened to me the other day. I remembered this one line of on old black and white movie song and that’s it. Life came to a standstill as the song started haunting me. I asked many a people, even recorded some words from the song to share as voice notes so that I could get the answer fast… to finish the song hunt. But somehow no one remembered the song. Today, I found it… what a relief… thanks to a dear friend. Oh I am a happy soul now. And I am humming that song and hearing it on the loop.

Songs have this ability to lift us from all that we feel and it so transports us into a different world. When I hear a song I always feel how those behind it must have made it, composed it, note by note, word by word… what an awesome feeling it must be to hear what one has composed. What an accomplishment it must be when your song is loved by the people and it stays on everyone lips.

Maybe one day I shall make a song too… note by note … word by word… I shall dream it through and it shall stay in a million hearts and make some happiness.

…maybe one day.


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