7th Pay Commission | A 50 Paisa Toffee

Painless ways of saving money. Photo copyright gcaffe.comThe Government has approved the terms of reference for the seventh Central Pay Commission. This mandate will revise the salaries of 50 lakh Central Government employees and will benefit about 30 lakh pensioners. Needless to add the move comes just ahead of General Elections 2014.

It is said that the Government may hike the central retirement age to 62 years. So now we have more oldies around for a longer time. The youth is jobless and is hunting furiously for a job. A job of just Rs. 10000 is also good now a days. The constitution of the Seventh Pay Commission which was approved by the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh in September 2013 is headed by the retired Supreme Court Judge Ashok Kumar Mathur. They say that the inflation has risen all these months and revenue eroded and so the pay should be revised.

This is the Seventh Pay Commission and so they had 6 more. In all these years have they been able to keep up with the inflation? If not why? And now they are suggesting 3.5% hike in the salaries, will that be good enough.

The truth is that even now so many people do not prefer Government jobs as the pay is less as compared to the private sector but the private sector has no vacancy at all. So where does the youth go? They are misguided and look for lucrative offers which often fizzle out.

The poor is getting poorer and the rich is getting richer and we have a Prime Minister who is an economist but who never speaks. Where does the Country go?  The line of poor people sleeping on the roads is increasing day by day (and so is increasing the number of pavement dwellers being mowed down BMW’s) and the middle class is surviving just about somehow. On the other side there are so many people who are ecstatic about the approval of the Seventh Pay Commission.

It is amazing how India is a balanced country. It is in India where one can get an orange candy for 50 paisa only even now. MINTO @ 50PAISA. India’s chief bank The Reserve Bank of India has rejected the 50 paisa and One Rs. standard. Even after this there is this one product since the last 10 to 12 years which is still valid. Hence in one rupee you get two toffees.

Thank God for small mercies.


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