Har Har Mala Holistic Healing

Trupti JayinKasauli’s famous Baikunth Resort is hosting a three-day festival from April 12, with an opportunity to visitors to learn and explore a variety of healing modalities through wellness workshops and interactive sessions.

“We have arranged for internationally renowned spiritual seekers and healers for this holistic healing festival called ‘Har Har Mala’. All activities have been specially designed to offer highly efficient and precise hands on tools to help participants and their family and friends to re-balance the energies so as to find relief from physical, psychosomatic and emotional stress,” said Rana Jolly, the CEO of Baikunth Resorts.

Jolly said the guests arriving at the resort will connect with the musicians and the artists as well, particularly in evenings surrounded by mountains, under the starlit skies, experiencing deep communications while soaked in the sounds of ancient healing instruments such as Gongs, the aboriginal Didgeridoo and Tibetan singing bowls.

Arrangements have been made for people to meditate with the Zen meditation flute, hum in joy to the strumming of the bowed and plucked, accompanied by Tuvan throat singing which is used for meditation in Tibet and Mongolia.

Rekha Jolly and Rana JollyStating that special activities have been planned for children too, he said the weekend retreat will be offering facilities for Divine Communications, Past Life Exploration, Dowsing and Divine Journeys, Psychic Readings from The Heart, Angel Therapy, Tarot Wisdom, Chakra Cleansing, De-tox Meal Plan, Ayurveda Remedies for Health & Wellbeing among others.

Jolly said that besides the full three-day offer, guests can also enroll for shorter stays and get benefitted at the sessions wherein the resort would be holding workshops on Ayurveda, Acupressure, Mantra Chanting & Meditation, Kundalini Yoga and Nature Walks. “April 12, 13 and 14 are holidays when you can join the weekend celebrations of love and laughter as we are stringing together a celebration called life,” he added.

Holistic Healing FestivalJolly said the facilitators at the festival include Gunjan Amrit Nam Kaur, a kundalini yoga teacher with a practice over 10 years, Dr.Trupti Jayin, Past Life Therapist, Mansi Chauhan, expert in body features, Ratti Bhandari, who conducts workshops to connect people with angels, Sujata Malik, who offeres flower remedies, Swami Ravindra, personifying Osho’s teaching, and Anita Gandhi Navani, who heals through Chakra system.

Baikunth Resort is a 5-star facility retreat nestled in the luxurious lap of the Shivaliks with well equipped rooms and cottages in the lap of nature where one can take in the bounties of mother earth in a relaxing and leisurely atmosphere.

Aren’t you now ready to rediscover yourself in the serene mountains of Kasauli at the Baikunth Resort, one of the cleanest Indian hill stations offering a host of rejuvenating and recreational facilities?

Rest assured you will experience a haven of tranquility amidst 5 acres of green pine forests with soft wind amid calls of birds.


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