MOVIE TIME – India Box Office

This is one Friday when the Box Office would not be visited by many as India sees the results of elections 2014. This seems like a historic year in the Indian history as the destiny of so many Indians, including from entertainment world, will be decided in the poll results this weekend. And then we see a resurrection of the Godzilla again after 1998. This Friday we see the release of Godzilla directed by Gareth Edwards who brings the giant monster Stegosaurus back to life. A little bit of radiation and a monster is out to destroy all. In 1998 we saw the first movie on the beastie Godzilla directed by Roland Emmerich, who migrates to New York city and ruins it to nest its young, but still one feels so sympathetic towards the monster.

GODZILLA (English): Director: Gareth Edward | Cast: Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Ken Watanbe and Elizabeth Olsen.


Then we also see exquisite Sharon Stone and the brilliance of Woody Allen in Fading Gigolo which is directed by John Turturro who also plays the lead in this film. A sex comedy with underlying humour in every shot in Woody Allen style. The story of two women who hire a man to spice up their lives. Sharon is the vixen as always and Vergara is sexy to no limits.

FADING GIGOLO (English): Director: John Turturro | Cast: Woody Allen, Sharon Stone, John Turturro and Sofia Vergara. 

The other release is a Himmesh Reshamiya movie – The Xpose. This is a musical thriller directed by Anant Mahadevan. The story takes us back to the era of 1960’s in which there are two leading actresses competing in Bollywood and one gets murdered. The ex-cop turned actor Ravi takes matters into his hands and gets down to solve the murder. The lead role is played by Himmesh Rehshamiya while singer Honey Singh makes his debut in Bollywood in a negative role.

Himmesh and Honey Singh have done a remix of the old number ‘Hai apna dil to awara’ in this movie. Himmesh lost about 20 kgs to get into this super sleek avatar of the detective he plays and also the song ‘Dard dilon ke’ by him has become a rage already.

THE XPOSE (Hindi): Director: Anant Mahadevan | Cast: Himmesh Reshammiya, Sonali Raut, Zoya Afroz, Anant Mahadevan, Honey Singh and Irfan Khan.

Children Of WarThe story of a hidden genocide in the turbulent year of 1971 where so many women were raped and forced to have children of the enemy country. A real story brought to light ‘Children Of War – The Bastard Child’ is directed by new comer Mritunjay Devvrat. A heart wrenching film which portrays the rape of a whole civilization.

CHILDREN OF WAR (Hindi): Director: Mritunjay Devvrat | Cast: Raima Sen, Victor Banerjee, Pavan Malhotra, Farooque Sheikh, Tilotma Shome and Indraniel Sengupta.

We also see the animated movie ‘Mighty Raju Rio Calling‘ and a musical thriller M3 – Midsummer Midnight Mumbai this weekend.

Till next week Chao…


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