Supersalesmen of Bollywood

Recent trends show that if an advertisement does not have a big celebrity from Bollywood the brand does not sell much. Why is it like this? Why is it that we need a well known famous face to endorse, who is paid enormously to make a brand sell? So, is branding with film stars now a regular?

Turn the television on, leaf through a newspaper and voila! You will see only Bollywood stars everywhere. What we find is Hema Malini selling oil, water purifier; Madhuri Dixit selling Maggi noodles, Oral B; Shahrukh Khan selling Pepsi, Lux, On Vests, Frooti; Rishi Kapoor and Neetu Singh selling Homes in Gaur City; Abhishek Bachchan and Aishwairya selling Pressure cooker Prestige; Ranbir Kapoor selling biscuits, Pepsi, deos, scooty; Hrithik Roshan selling Mountain Dew, Macro Man vest, deo, biscuit – and the list is endless.

Brand Advertising by Film StarsIs it competition which leads others to follow lead or is the larger than life image of our film stars making them rule the roost! As Sunny Deol is endorsing Lux Cozy vests, we have Salman Khan for  Dixcy Scott vest, Hrithik Roshan for Macro Man, Saif Ali Khan for Amul Macho Man and more. This shows that once a trend starts, a chain reaction follows. Who is the winner then – whoever gets the bigger celebrity or every brand then gets to sell?

Why is it that the people who create a product fail to make a powerful advertisement with just a strong script and just matching face(s) to endorse the brand! Or is it that the consumers are attracted only to the big and famous from Bollywood?

Does this show lack of creativity, weak content, poor copy-writing or average product? Think when you next see big fat print ads or stumble upon large billboards running across the street or the one on a strategic corner of a street or hanging off a building with full close visibility of a supersalesman of Bollywood. Choice always rests with you, in any case: Love It or Leave It.

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