Facebook, People & Life


It was just recently when we discovered Facebook and Twitter and all the rest followed. Basic exposure happened somewhere in 2009 and it was so much fun then. People were less and posts were not so many. It was good to connect to some long lost friends and family. Being on Facebook was ever so awesome.

What actually started in 2004 Feb as a medium of exchanging notes and thought for University students from Harvard spread to the rest of the schools and became a viral. By 2012 Facebook had over One Billion users. It just took everyone up by a storm and since then no one looked back. Slowly as everyone knows people learnt how to use computers and how to login, be it any age young or old.

Then started the privacy issues, people started hunting for privacy on Facebook and would start hiding what they were posting. All sorts can be seen here, be it the happy ones or the perpetually sad ones, or the crazy whacky ones also the perverts poured in. Fun quotient was still there. There was so much love and happiness all over Facebook. People were excited about sharing all and caring for all.  Some people were intelligent and held guard from the beginning and some were emotional fools and just let it flow.

Now the scene is different. Facebook has now become a scale to measure love, relationships make or break due to posts and shares on Facebook, people fake all and most of it. Life is different now. Privacy is on high priority.

What you like, share, follow and post decides the pattern of your relationships now a days. Instead of letting technology which is so awesome we are regressing in life. The platform where all our friends and family reside online has now become the way to make or break relationships. Some are only doing PR on Facebook and will do anything for it, others are just jealous with other peoples’ happiness and good times posted online. Sadly now there is no honesty left on Facebook.

Even then a large feeling of content is derived from this platform and a huge wave of addiction follows wherever it touches. It is amazing to see how people share so much love and joy with everyone. So many new places are there to catch on when friends or friends of friends post travel pictures, so many new things we get to learn in so many fields, so much healthy exposure happens. If only the jealously factor was not there – Facebook would still be heaven on Earth.

The thing to wonder is what will happen in the coming few years… will it become extinct like Orkut which simply fizzled out, or will it still manage to stay in people’s heart and soul for times to come.

May it just be Facebook Forever.


2 thoughts on “Facebook, People & Life

  1. अकबर: बीरबल मेरी हथेली में बाल क्यों नहीं हैं ।
    बीरबल: जहांपनाह, देते देते घिस गया है ।
    अकबर: तुम्हारी हथेली में बाल क्यों नहीं है ।
    बीरबल: हुजूर लेते लेते घिस गया है ।
    अकबर: तो दरबारियों की हथेलियों में बाल क्यों नहीं है ।
    बीरबल: आप मुझे देते हैं और मैं लेता हूं । इस अफसोस में वह अपने हाथ मलते हैं इसलिए उनकी हथेली में बाल नहीं है ।


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